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Let's give this a shot. I've tried everything else.

The only problem is that I'm lazy, so hopefully starting this log online will force me to keep up the regimen.

Here we go...

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Hmm... Day 2

I have a total of four zits.. along with a lot of redness..

I'm dividing my face into four regions .. and just for fun i'm going to have a little competition to see which one clears up first..

So far it looks like my left side is in the front..

Another thing i realized is that the regimen takes a lot of patience..

Let's see how long i last.. :)

That's it for me today..

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So yesterday I went out drinking with some friends and was pretty wasted by the end of the day..

Which makes it very hard to do the regimen..

So I just slapped some BP real quick and crashed..

And in the morning my right cheek had three new spots..

its like my left and right side is playing battleship..

and my left side just sunk three ships and left some nasty explosions..

but i was very diligent and patient this morning.. so hopefully the spots should subside soon..

Here's pushing forward through the tough times..

Sincerely Hoping,


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You're right, the CSR DOES require alot of patience...I have no idea how I would have been able to keep doing it while in school and partying...

I just started myself...I guess we will get used to it (wonder if we have to do it our whole life... :think: )

But hang in there! I'm giving it 3 months...

Keep us posted! ;)

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Some words on drinking...

I am in college as well. The past 3 years have been when my acne started. Looking back I have noticed that whenever i drank i would break out slightly after partying. Not only because i was too drunk to wash up, but the alcohol doesnt allow your liver to detoxify your system as well, and some of these toxins promote favorable conditions for acne to grow. I have tried to make a move towards not getting so trashed..but it hasnt worked too much considering the past 3 times i drank i dont really remember, but i did break out afterwards. I know its pretty impossible to avoid drinking. but i have been trying to drink mixed drinks like screwdrivers because i feel the vitamin c might boost my immune system .. i dont know haha. plus my 21st is coming up soon... soo well see how that goes.. good luck in whatever you decide to do. As for me... Id rather go out with clear skin and not get so drunk than get plasterd and have to pay for it

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You're right pimp.. i'd much rather go out with clear skin than get wasted..

hopefully i can do both sometime in the future.. till then.. i'll just have to get the girls wasted :) just joking around..

its day 4.. things are still the same.. i keep getting one new spot everyday.. but the others are drying out ..

ok quick question for anyone who reads..

how the heck do u take care of the sweating! ?? i mean i like in a hot and humid place so i'm sweating all the time.. but i'm afraid to wipe it off thinking i might wipe off the bp / moisturizer..

what do i do??

either way.. almost a week..

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