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i told everyone that i had smoothbeam done and it only helped the softscars

ive been into some depression about the current acne ive gotten and my swelling is down to a minimal

so i looked in mirror the past three days it seems like the non soft scars

ones that improve a little when stretched

have improved

im not sure if im hallincuating but ive waited 3 days to check , im not sure what type of scars they are

they might be bound rolling scars

but they have imrpoved atleast 30%

i might be hallincuating

so i just wanted to calirfy that comment

ive been staring at my face

when i look in the flourscent light it looks all red cuz of the new acne i got it leaves red marks but goes awya fast

when i see the scars it just looks like pores and such

i think ive gotten around 70% and i have room for about 8% more imrpovment with another smoothbeam

and mandelic acid to get rid of the rest.

so theirs hope

just do rigious traetments.

i guess what im trying to say is that non soft scars take MUCH LONGER to respond to treatment...MUCH longer.

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That's awesome Hello50! Thanks for the up-date. I've read so many of your posts, but I can't remember, is SB the only thing you're doing to your skin? I would be soooooo happy with 80%!!!!

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Hello50: Thanks for posting your progress...I'm glad you're seeing great improvements...I just got my first sb treatments and i can't really see a differences yet but i know it takes a while. I thought that the pain wasn't gonna be that bad but it was horrific. I clenching to the seams of the chair. I got 3 more. Please keep me posted on your progress and i'll do the same. You mention your using mandelic serum , plz explain how you fit it in your skin regime? I thinking about adding the mandelic but i don't know how i can squeeze it into my skin treatment with retin-a? Or should i completely dedicated to mandelic serum?

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Hi Namio,

I just read your post to Hello50 and was wondering did your doc say it was okay to use Retina-A while having SB treatments? My doc said I had to be off the Retina-A for 30 days before he would do a treatment. He said Retina-A makes your skin really thin and that the laser might burn me. I'm in the process of waiting the 30 days.

I was suppose to have my SB treatment two weeks ago. I initially thought using the Retina-A woould help stimulate the collagen even more while I was having the SB treatments. What did your doc say about this?



P.S. He did say I could use only pure Copper Peptides while having my treatments with SB.

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i dont know if everyone will get 80% too but id ont really car emuch about my scars just a little bit their little indents and shurnken stuff

but i think with mandelic accid(i havent ogten it yet)

i will be very happy with lactic acid in the summer

and one more smoothbeam in christmas

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Skinny: Hello. My doctor was confused about it too. I told i was on retin-a and all he told me was not to use it the night before the proceduce. I did that and when i came into my appointment he said that it was too red so he reschedule it for the next week so my skin can get back to normal. When i actually got my sb treatment, he told me to lay off of retin-a for the entire sb treatments. It's so hard for me. I think i have ocd and can't bear the thought that i can't wear retin-a. Before when i used it nightly i would layered it on so thick that it would make my face so red and puffy. It was my security blanket. I'm so scared of a outbreak of cystics. I'm hoping the sb works. So far can't really tell. My skin texture is more smoother but all the scars are still there. how are your treatments going skinny?

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Namio, you doctor is full of shit. Sorry to say! Because, my doctor, who claims to do the most SB's in the country, put me on RETIN-A, the same day I had my 1st SB.

There's no reason, you shouldn't be able to use it. You'll see, SB really doesn't effect your skin for long, just red for a day or so...

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namio- [-X With retin-a less is more. just use a small amout about the size of a pea. Its strong stuff and thats really all you need. I've been using the stuff for about a year and a half and I know that using too much is worst that not using any at all. it will FRY your skin!

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I know you guys...thanks for the advice. I've been reading about mandelic serum and just ordered it online. I'm gonna give that a try and see how well it goes with the sb treatment. I don't know if it's placebo, but today my skin look very good under my makeup. I don't know whether or not it just my imagination or the sb treatment has been taking effect. But i'm happy with it. Just don't want to go through the pain. I a wuss.

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Hi Namio,

I have always used a moisturizer with the Retina-A, one that is hydrating (nothing that breaks you out). It seems to help a lot with the dryness. If you can get the side effects under control, Retina-A has been tremendous for my skin. Look into the Copper Peptides too, to use while your doing your SB treatments.

They rescheduled my first SB treatment and said I had to be off of the Retina-A for 30 days before they would do the procedure. I will be having my first one soon. I'm a little nervous now that you said it hurts so much. I am still looking for a doc with a better price too, but I can't find anyone else who has the SB, so far.

fromchicago hi,

So do you think that using the Retina-A is helping with your SB treatments? Are you still using it? Why did your doc tell you he wanted you to use it with your SB treatments?

Thanks, Skinny

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I used the retin A at first, because I still brake out a little here and there. But now, I switched over to a nightly BP-MOISTURIZER misture. Probably about 4-6% BP.

But he said the RETIN A would be fine, as long as you don't use it the day before treatment. I'm sure if your skin was super red though, he'd advise against it.

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hey skinny! Don't worry about the pain. Just layer on the numbing cream every 20 mins in an hour before your sb procedure. Also i took some asprin cause someone on the forum recommended. Trust me the pain is bearable especially for the result you'll be seeing. And the lasering only takes about 10 mins. After my first sb, i've already seen improvements. My overall skin texture is smooth and less bumpy. I'm sorry if i made you insecure about the sb but i have a low threshold for pain. Trust me it's worth it! Just remember "no pain no gain". Keep me updated on how your treatments are going ok! Take care. And also it's best that you take your doctor's advice. Everyone skin is different, he got the chance to examine it and determine what's best for your skin type. Good luck.

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