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I always had this issue that I simply couldn't leave the house with foundation and loose/pressed powder. Today I actually went out without make-up on, the second day in a row, and I realized that little things can really boost one's self-esteem. I find that if I wear a semi-nice outfit (as opposed to dressing sloppy) and feeling fresh from a shower, I feel so much better about myself. During the time when my skin was pretty poor, I stopped caring about myself and always wore men's baggy sweats and baggy shirts to school: maybe that really added to how badly I felt about myself.

I don't want to hide myself anymore. The plus is, now I won't worry if my make-up is smearing from the heat or if I have to reapply. Also, I'm starting college in one month, and I realize that if I just ditch the make-up now and get used to myself without it, then I won't feel intimidated around people without whiteheads and red marks.

How have you all found the confidence to live with acne, scars, and red marks? Share your secrets =)

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haha i know that feeling, i felt so bad a few months ago that i let myself go, stopped gettin a hair cut, which was funny cause 2 years ago my hair had 2 be cut every 10 days i really made sure it was fresh, but i just gave up a few months ago, i went like 4 months without a haircut, my hair got really really long, i stopped shaving often, so alot of times i had a sloppy beard growing in before i shaved it alil.. alot of times i heard "matt wtf are you doing".. my mom was pist at me and was demanding i get a hair cut.. i went from wearing name brand clothes to wearing sweats and a $1 T-mobile t-shirt or other plain white $1 shirts , a couple people used 2 joke around and call me a cave man. Anyway, i finished tane, i still wasn't happy that my face has some reddness, but 1 day i just realized that a weak attitude aint gonna get me anywhere in life, and i only have 1 shot so in the end i'll only regret not doin good. the day i got a hair cut and shave a couple months ago was a relief although my attitude was still poor... the past couple weeks i been confident and positive and doin better, however its hard 2 always stay positive, i still have my moments where i get alil angry. But i feel im gonna do alright.

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