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This may sound like a stupid question but I just got back from the derm and told her that I believed I broke out in hives when I was 16 years old while on Accutane.

She said that's impossible and that it must've been something else that caused the reaction. I don't remember what else could have caused it since it was 13 years ago.

I'm taking Bactrim DS as a last resort to control my cystic acne that has flared up the last 2 months. I was on minocycline for 2 1/2 years and my face has been erupting with cysts by my nose and cheek area.

She suggested that I should go back on Accutane and that I have nothing to worry about.

She seemed really calm about recommending it to me.

Should I be concerned about being allergic to the "Tane"?- as some of you like to call it

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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You're probably not allergic to the actual active ingredient, as it's a natural derivative of vitamin A and your body is supposed to produce very small quantities of it. It is possible you're allergic to one of the inert ingerdients.

Edit: Your "hives" might have been an IB. Also, you can probably be tested to see if you're allergic to it. I know they make a topical version of isotretinoin so you could see if that reacted to your skin--ask about it.

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If you are allergic to parabens, they use that in the capsule of Roche Accutane. Not sure about the other brands. But that type of allergy is pretty uncommon as i understand it, your doctor may be right that there was another cause and it was just coincidental.

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