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Curel Moisturizer for the face...some research

I've been advocating Curel Ultra Healing (new formula, blue bottle) as a moisturizer for a few days because it's really helped me with my dry skin problem. HOWEVER, I don't want to recommend a product that may be problematic for someone else's skin. I've researched Curel, trying to find a bad review on any website, and I've yet to find one. It says "gentle enough to use on the face" and "will not clog pores" despite having petrolatum and shea butter as ingredients. All the other posts about Curel seem to be overwhelmingly positive as well.

Furthermore, I came across a website called bodyfixer.com that has the an interesting explanation for products containing petrolatum (a major ingredient in Curel and an oil many try to steer clear of):

The Oil Migration Test.

Not all "oil-free" moisturizers for cosmetics are oil free; some contain oil-like synthetics that can provoke acne-prone skin. How to tell? Dab the moisturizer on good-quality stationery (imprinted 25% cotton fiber). Twenty-four hours later, hold the paper up to daylight and check for oil rings. The extent of migration will correspond to the percent of oil in the cosmetic.

The oil migration test is useful to deduct certain oils in cosmetics, but it is more important to learn to read the labels and avoid troublesome ingredients. Remember, not all oils are bad. Petrolatum and some lighter oils like mineral oil and sunflower oil don't penetrate down into the pore.

This product is cheap and effective against my dry skin, so naturally I'm skeptical (as I should be after years of experimenting with products that claimed to do something and failed miserably). Any feedback would be great.



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i personally havnt used or heard of this product so icant help man.

but im sure someone wil and wil come along 2help ya !

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I use Curel on my hands, arms, and legs. And it is the best moisturizer out there for the body, imo. But it has fragrance, and the other ingredients scare me away from actually using it on my face.

If you decide to give it a try, please report back how it worked out.

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It works great! My skin looks smoother. I went without it this morning and by lunch my face was very dry. A small amount of Curel cleaned my face right up. I just want to know how others have reacted to it (because of the ingredients you have a problem with) so I can see how other Regimen users can benefit from it.

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