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Undecided whether to take Roaccutane???

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Hi there!

Firstly, glad to be part of the community!

About 6 months ago I decided to get myself off to the GP because acne was starting to get me down, after the prescribed Minocin didn't work I was sent to a dematologist. First I was prescribed (cant remember the name, but they were tablets!) as well as Differin and Duac.

A few months later I went back the dermatologist after only noticing very little improvement, to my surprise, 4 people examined my back (paying little attention to my face as it's not to bad) and I was told I could have roaccutane - after a good half hour lecture on its side effects! lol

Due to me going on Holiday in 3 days for two weeks (for my 18th woooo!) lol, I said I wouldn't consider taking any new medication until I got back, mainly due to the dryness of skin and I assumed alcohol would be a no-go but to my surprise he said alcohol is ok, but even so, due to sunlight etc he agreed it would be better to start when am back.

Anyway, I was prescribed with Roaccutane (5mg), taking one capsule each day for 2 weeks and then two capsules each day for the remaining 2 weeks before I have to go back.

I am now having doubts as whether or not to take it, my brother was prescribed it many years ago and it worked wonders for him despite giving him the worst 3 months of his life (his words not mine), and with being told acne gets ALOT worse once taking it, I have been very much put of the idea of starting roaccutane.

So would would you all advice? stick to Duac and sunbeds to keep my skin at bay and hope they go in time or start on roaccutane and hope for the best?

All advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Well body acne is hard to get rid of which is probably why they're offering it... They did that to me too when my back acne was really bad, but my mom wouldn't let me get it. But then I cured it with Retin-A (after they told me it wouldn't work) and since then I've never been a candidate for it again... even though I've been dealing with this nonsense for 8 years. So now I'm doing the Retin-A on the face, and hoping that works. In my opinion, 3 months is such a short time to go through bad skin when you have a lifetime of clear skin to look forward to.

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Thanks for that advice :)

Never heard of Retin-A?

Am hoping with is being such a small dosage (5mg) compared to others on this site, I may not have such a bad breakout?

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