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My experience with the CSR

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OK so I'm losing my forum virginity by posting here, since I've never had results with any of the common medications, I thought I'd make a log to show my experience on the CSR. First of all, I was at my cottage for 3 weeks, so I'm already 3 weeks into the regimen, and haven't seen much/any improvment; the left side of my face is in horrible condition. Secondly, to give you all a better visual (since I don't have a digital camera) I currently have 2 active zits on my left cheek, tons of fading red marks, 2 zits on my right cheek without too many redmarks, and 1 zit on my forehead with 1 or 2 fading red marks. While it doesn't seem like that extreme of a case, it's worse than it sounds (mainly on my left cheek).

With that wall of text being said :P, the products I am using are as follows as I'm sure that question will come up frequently :P :

Cleanser : Spectro Jel Oily Skin

BP : 2.5% Spectro Jel BP (waiting on dan's BP )

Moisturizer : Neutrogena Oil free for sensitive skin

I moisturize in the morning, but not at night.

OK that being said, today is currently week 3, day 2, of the regimen and you've already heard the condition of my face. Left cheek is terrible, right is decent, and forehead seems good, chin has a few fading red marks. I hope to update every day so I can give the people who never had any success on these medications some enlightenment :P (hopefully). Wish me luck ;).

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