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Why i do not think the regimen will do anything for me

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I am 17. I have i guess moderate acne. My left side of my face seems to be the worst right now. My forehead, nose, chin, and right side seem to be ok other than numerous red marks and a few pimples but nothin that terrible. Anyway i am currently on minocycline and started about 2 months ago with 50 mgs. I just last tuesday took it upon myself to up the dosage to 100 mgs 2 times a day. Anyway i feel that my regiment is essentially similar to the regiment that is advocatedon this site. let me explain what do. I wash my face with cetaphil soap (claims to be a moisterizer) atleast two times usually three. I then use an eretryomycin(sp) roll on which is 3%. I then proceed to use benzamycin which has 5%bp and 3 percent erethromycin i think. I just use that on my troublespots where as the roll onis appliedmore generously. I do this same routine at night. I also use a celocin t gel moisterizer sometimes. Anyway, i believe that my routine is very comprable to Dan's and is not atleast giving me the results that warrant a testimony that you would see on this site. Either way, I do not understand that making a few minor changes would really make me that much better. I am going to the dermatoogist thursday and he will prabably give mem a few cortizone shots i guess and clean me out. I guess for me right now the red marks i have had for months now are irritating me. Any one know something good to cover these not really raised but red marks. I am an average toned caucasion right now. In the summer i get a better tan and i think that is why i am more conscoius now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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You're not using benzoyl peroxide. We're talking apples and oranges.

Give yourself a chance and follow the regimen precisely. I know it's hard to believe it will work, but it does. All of the testimonials are from real people who have succeeded.


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I just took a look at the benzyamycin and it specifically says benzoyl peroxide 5 %. And it is working fairly well, i mean my face is not really clear but i have a lot of redmarks. I have a different question anyway. If i were to use the nuetrogena on the spot treatment would i sill have to put that on areas that do not have pimples but could at anytime develop pimples or would i just use it on current pimples?

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Oh, I didn't read well enough I guess.

Anyway, you'll probably like 2.5% concentration better, and it will be just as effective, if not more so.

BP is prevention, so you put it anywhere you want to prevent acne.

I'll just reiterate what I said earlier which is that the regimen should work very well for you if you give it a chance. Your routine is similar, but the regimen calls for twice daily cleansing, not more, and being super-gentle at all times. Also, the regimen calls for a lot of bp, that's the key. I don't know that you could get a lot of medication out of a roll-on.


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