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Result permanency?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this clear skin regimen. About to get started on it soon -- really excited about it! :D However, I have one question I've been pondering about. It's probably been ask many times but here goes.

If I commit to the regimen for, say 3-5 months and lapse away from it for an indefinite period, will the results diminish? That is, will all my mild acne instantly come back? I'm really not into the lifetime commitment. I can probably stick to the regimen, at the inception, on a regular basis but I want to switch to a casual basis and doing it on an intense basis for a lifetime looks very daunting for me. Assume that I get adequate sleep and maintain a healthy diet.

Thanks in advance,


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The CSR is preventative, it's not a cure. In other words, it should help your acne for the duration you're on the regimen. While you can stop at any time, unfortunately your skin problems may come back until you have grown out of acne.

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compared to the CSR most of our regimens that include perscription medicine takes much longer and requires lots more medicins.

i think after using it for a few months, the CSR will become just a habbit

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Oh cool.

Have there been any cases where users have gone off the regimen and had massive break-outs? Break-outs that were even worst than before? :confused:


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