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There was a post a few days back in regard to diet and acne. Well, I opened the newspaper today, and there was an article linking the typical Western diet to acne. As mentioned in an earlier post, the culprit was refined carbs. This includes cakes, pastries, cookies, snacks, white bread, etc. All of these things lead to a permanent raise in insulin levels, triggering obesity, diabetes and acne. The people used for comparison were in some remote region where the diet consists of fish, fruit, vegetables and other unprocessed foods. Well, it makes sense to me. Look at the typical American diet. It is horrific! Obesity levels are rising steadily and diabetes will be the biggest disease of this century. IMO, those are reason enough to change our diets. Add acne to the equation, and it makes even more sense. Let's face it though, most of us are not going to radically change our diets. Hell, I don't even like fish. Everywhere we look, we consumers are victims of convenience; Fast food this and microwavable that. I think that the best thing you can do is not to radically change your diet, but slowly incorporate more whole grains, fruits and veggies into your diet. We have so many options in our society, which means we can take a pass on McD's and seek out healthier alternatives. For future parents out there, please do not fall into the fast food trap with your kids. It is not that easy, but it will be so much better for their health in the long run. BTW, the American Dermatological Association has already dismissed the diet/acne link. I think we have to decide for ourselves.

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BTW, the American Dermatological Association has already dismissed the diet/acne link. I think we have to decide for ourselves

100% with you on this one.

If it's not diet, then what else is causing it?

And who paid for the ADA studies? The food industry, perhaps?

To help you decide for yourself, please, please, please do some reading. There are heaps of nutrition books around (ask at your local health food shop or ask a nutritionist).

This book :X The Optimum Nutrition Bible, Patrick Holford, is great.

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If it's not diet, then what else is causing

Clearly, if our food is causing the acne, how come some people eat the same and do not experience acne. There is a malfunction in the body and the acne that you get, might be a side effect which is triggered by a specific food intake. It might also be that food is just one of the things that has an influence.

the American Dermatological Association has already dismissed the diet/acne link

They haven't dismissed it forever, as they are still performing research on the subject, however: you have to dismiss anything until it's proven.

"the helpful chap", I am interested in hearing what diet you are on, and if it has any effect on your acne.

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Yes, I agree that acne and diet can be related.

However: since not everybody who eats a Western diet high in refined sugars gets acne, just like not everybody who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic, it is hard to prove.

Some people might not get acne anymore if they ceased the eating habits that spike their blood sugar and create an overproduction of insulin. (For more about how carbohydrates and sugars affect insulin, check out the "Zone" books by Dr. Barry Sears.)

Some people might not see any difference no matter what they ate. But I doubt it.

All you can do is try it and see for yourself.

That's what the Buddha said. :(

Western medicine wants to be 98.9% sure of something before they will hop on board saying "eating sugar causes acne". So it is not surprising to me that the American Dematological Association dismisses the link. And yes, we should be suspicious of the information that is out there available to the general public -- remember how hard the tobacco industry fought against proof that tobacco is addictive and causes health problems.

If you're prone to acne, then I think you can only help yourself by examining your diet and making changes if you realize that you:

-- use a lot of caffeine and stimulants (including chocolate)

-- eat a lot of sugary foods or drinks

-- eat a lot of refined carbohydrates without balancing them with protein

-- eat a lot of refined carbohydrates in general


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Acne does related to diet.

The main thing you should avoid in your diet should be iodine. The RDA recommended that you shouldn't consume more than 150mg of iodine per day as it would aggravte your acne. Foods that rich in iodine such as kelp, shrimps, crabs should be avoided to ensure no further flare-up.

* you can find more infos about diet and acne in the posts in the REGIMEN section. Try to have a search as I remember they were some one who posted the list of the foods contains large amount of acne and disccusion bout this topic.

hopefully can help,

garkee2002 :roll:

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With all due respect to my estimable colleague that iodine causes acne. If you think it causes acne for you, please disregard this. But I don't think it's intelligent to state that "the main thing you should avoid in your diet is iodine," as iodine is an essential nutrient that everyone needs.

I once took a jungle survival trip on the Amazon river. On the last day, I ran out of purified water to drink. I was stuck in the middle of the river in the blazing sun and all I had was my first aid kit. So I filled my empty water bottle with Amazon river water and dumped a vial of iodine into it. And drank it.

I didn't die...I didn't even get acne from the iodine!

Iodine in the body plays an important role in our ability to fight disease and is used as a disinfectant in first-aid situations.

Sure, everybody's body is different. The best thing would be to do an elimination diet and slowly add foods back in that you think are suspect, and then see if they cause your acne to flare up.

Interesting link, yorkshire on the acne diet. It is however, only one man's ideas and should be taken with a grain of salt. (Sorry about that, garkee! Salt usually contains iodine!!) :wink:

Thanks for such an interesting and stimulating discussion, everyone!


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Guest fatman_uk

I work in a chemical manufacturing plant an we make a products called FAM 30 which is almost PURE iodine an if u get it on ur skin u DO develop an nasty rash... most of which comes to nasty yellowheads.... therefore u REALLY have to wear gloves when handlin the stuff.

But the tablet u referred to (i take it was one of the iodine based tablets) probly wasnt a huge dose an even if it was it may have not been enough to cause any problems.

Anythin diet related needs a bit of consistancy to do anythin, once uve detox'd u wont break out over a Mars bar, maybe if u have a few every day for a week, but not immediately.

An i guess this was just anuther case of 'I SPEAK FOR EVERYONE' anyhow, whats good for you is carved in stone? If uve found a cure or sumthin that work u should suggest it, but not force feed it plz. :shock:


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