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Has anyone actually had bad side effects from Accutane/roaccutane?

Well I'm only gonna be put off accutane if it can decrease my IQ or if it decreses my life span or maybe if it can cause damage to people further down my family tree in the future. which it doesnt sound like it does. unlike smoking. And the fact that my brain metabolism may decrease would scare me more if i actualy understood why it would be such a big problem(i haven't realy learned much about brain metabolism in GCSE science so far -.-).

and as for what people are saying about Roche Laboratories not publishing the extra data they have I realy don't think it would be a good thing if they did regardless of world economy and i certainly don't give a rats arse about some millionairs loosing a little cash over it. The reason i think it would be a realy bad idea is because Accutane can "cure" peoples diseases. Acne is a skin disease and a very serious one at that whether the general public think it or not. For alot of people Accutane is their last resort before comitting suicide and so if it was banned there would be alot more depressed, sad, violent, suicidal people in the world, which just wouldn't be good now would it? I'm glad Roche are protecting accutane from being banned and untill a less dangerous miracle cure is found i want it to stay that way.

- just thought id add my view...

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My body type is thin/fragile and I have never had good experiences with medicine in general.

Ban this medication.

Calling for a ban just because you got unlucky and are "fragile" is small minded and vindictive.

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