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Foods that cause acne for you

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milk product doesnt seems will cause new acne in cases, in my case haha.

my acne will getting grow after i stop my routine food daily, so im eating same food everyday. (oh god)

breakfast: self made salad sanwish

ingredians: carrot, chinese cabbage, thousand island sos (it not too oily to cause acne), white bread. just slice the carrot and cabbage in sliced, mixed with thousand island sos and place them to the bread.

lunch: rice with green vegetable and fish(totally not fried). i dont know what vitamin fish riched in, but having it your skin wont dry out.

dinner: (same with breakfast) im a dancer, so i wont having twice meal of rice per day, to keep the fit.

thats all 3 meal perday, dont eat a thing before sleep, or else your body will be very awake il sleep, so you will find out you get not enough sleep, and acne comes....

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BigPore i have a piece of advice .. if ur acne is bad enough to go on accutane ... do so.

take accutane for about weeks...

after ur initial break out..

eat any junk food u want... see if u break out.. for me .. not at all

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I break out from sugar. I have now given it up and my acne is a lot better. I thought it might have been sugar when I ate two pieces of carrot cake one day, and the breakout from it afterwards was HORRID!!! :evil:

So I stopped eating sugary things and stopped having sugar in my tea etc, and it has improved loads. I can't avoid sugar altogether thoug, as its in everything! So I still get the occasional breakout, but its so much easier to control than before when I ate what I wanted.

BAD SUGAR!!! :evil:

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Shrimp. Not other foods with iodine, not other shellfish, only shrimp. I think it might have something to do with the waters being polluted.

I was stupid enough to have some about two weeks ago - and it gave me something that appeared to be a breakout but i'm thinking it was actually one of those things they call an "acne-like rash" because there were no clogged pores at all. I got some nice bright red papules across my face, including some as big as the cysts i was getting pre-tane, but there was nothing to them - they weren't hard and nodular, just inflamed. They are fading now, and i am really going to try to never eat shrimp again.

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First of all I am not a doctor or vendor trying to sell a product. I developed “adult� acne when I was 18. I am now 46 and battled this for almost thirty years and finally see light at the end of a long tunnel. My goal here is to help others look at other alternatives if the conventional routes were not effective in treating acne.

For those of you who have tried all the traditional routes for clearing acne with over the counter treatments, topical and oral medications with no success, you may want to look at your digestive track. You could have an intestinal parasite, bacteria, Candida (yeast) infection and/or no healthy bacteria (probiotics). This is called dysbiosis. You can have this condition and not realize it. I did not have any signs of bowel or stomach problems that normally accompany parasites or bacteria. This will disrupt the normal digestion and allow foods to pass through the intestinal track and enter the blood stream. Then at some point you will become sensitive to that food or its components (phenolics). I suggest you find a medical doctor who practices holistic medicine. A traditional doctor will not perform some of these types of test or treatments. The main test is a digestive stool analysis. One stool kit example is from Great Smokies Lab. There are others.

While you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment and/or lab results, one way to determine if certain foods are causing break outs, try going on a food elimination diet (search internet). A good place to start is with the 8 most common food sensitivities which include milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, and shellfish. But, you could also be sensitive to other foods like fruits, vegetables, sugar, vitamins, minerals, etc. Try this for 1 to 3 weeks and see if this helps. Foods that you crave or eat the most of are the likely culprit. Once you have identified your safe diet, try introducing one food at a time back into your diet. Allow several days in between food groups to determine if you are sensitive to that food. Check your supplements as well. This takes time and patience.

Food sensitivities are not allergies in which you see an immediate reaction of some sort when the food is consumed. In my case, it was a delayed reaction of 12 to 36 hours depending on the amount of offending food consumed before a break out occurred. The body clears food in one of three ways, bowels, kidney and skin. So if the body can not properly breakdown the food and clear it via the bowels or kidneys, it does so through the skin.

If you do have dysbiosis, it must be treated in order for the digestive track to heal. After successful treatment you are still breaking out, then you may need to desensitize your system to these foods using NAET (search internet). I was very skeptical of this treatment at first but I tried it and it worked for me. Find a NAET specialist who has taken the advance classes, especially on phenolics. Phenolics are found in many common foods we eat on a daily basis. Common phenolics include quecertine, rutin, coumarin, cinnamic acid, gallic acid, malvin, and phenylanine. Search the internet for food sources. It may be better in treating the phenolics versus the individual foods.

My dysbiosis condition went on for so many years that I was sensitive to most foods, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and phenolics. The only foods I could eat without breaking out was chicken and rice. I can now eat just about all foods except milk without breaking out.

Most of these costs are not covered by insurance, so be prepared to pay out of pocket. In the long run, you will be happy you did.

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food doesn't do anything to acne or make you flare up. hormones and stress cause bad break outs.

The past two months have been hell for me first my trans goes in my car, then my basement floods from 8 inches of rain and insurance doesn't cover it, then my grandfather had a stroke. I broke out terrible with all the stress and I'm only starting to clear up now.

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Sugar: including sweets, pop (soda), alcohol. Pretty much anything sugar-related. I drink only water now and it has improved my skin quite a bit.

It's been argued by many dermatologists that food has no effect on acne but I respectfully disagree. After tons of meds, only drinking water has helped.

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

The bark of the Oak tree breaks me out. What's a tree eating man to do..Especialy one that like the crunchy bits.

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The bark of the Oak tree breaks me out. What's a tree eating man to do..Especialy one that like the crunchy bits.

lmfao i actually pissed myself laffing despite how stupid it is.

uhm for me shrimp, large amounts of pop, protien shakes... cats.

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