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Hi! Im new! Could use some help on...

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where to start.

I am 35 y/o with 2 kids. My skin has never been great, but I am now having the worse time

EVER with my skin. I used to break out on my forehead, my ears (y'all need a puking smiley)

my chin and nose. I used Proactiv for a few yrs and it kept my skin under control. Not great.

That coupled with 10% BP bar soap a few times a week.

But I am now anti-Guthy-Renker and need a new plan. I am SUCH A MESS! I look into the mirror

and I want to cry. I do cry.

I am looking for some ideas and some support bc I am so over this.

Thanks! :D

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Hi Addi and welcome!

I'm right there with ya, age wise, and kid wise! ;)

I've been using the Clear Skin Regimen from the front of this website for the past year and a half, and it does keep my skin under control.

You can read about it here: http://www.acne.org/regimen.html

Read through it, see what you think. And holler if you need any help!

Browse through the rest of the forums here for other ideas if you want to.

Good luck!

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Thank you! I printed the entire regimen and am gonna go hop into bed & read it!

Good to meet you and thanks for the welcome! :)

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Been on the regimen over 2 years now and been completely acne free from like the fourth month on. It really works if you use it exactly as Dan suggests. Good luck

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wt is ur skin type ? just so maybe we can recommend u some products unless u plan on using both the csr cleanser and bp... then maybe just some tips on which moisturizer to use... cetaphil is really good but is thick so if ur skin doesn't get dry easily then may not be the best one to try but yea gl with this and i hope it helps

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