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Anyone apply BP on lips

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Since I;ve started doing so its given me quite a few zits although Im hoping it will just clear them.

Is this an area we should avoid putting any BP on as they pores always seem pretty open - maybe therefore asking for them to balloon out>

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It's not a good idea to put the BP directly on the lips, as lip skin is different than normal skin and much more sensitive. There shouldn't be a problem though with putting BP on the skin around the lips. Dan does it, as do I along with many others, and there haven't been any reported problems, other than minor dryness. Why do you say they'd "balloon out"?

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Also, if you just started putting BP on the skin around your lips, you could be having a reaction like you did in the beginning of the CSR. Or, if the skin around your lips is not a true problem area, you shouldn't put BP on it, otherwise it can irritate and overly dry your skin, causing acne.

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I do it around my lips but not ON it.

Make sure you get the major outskirts of your lips and be careful when you eat...

It helps though, lip acne is the worst...

lip acne is quite bad to look at but worse still is pretty painful to feel!

By ballooning out, I meant that a whitehead forms quickly for me.

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