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Moisturizing while on Accutane

Well I'm on day 11 now and my skin is feeling much drier then before.

I take 3 showers a day:

First shower: Use cleanser

2nd shower: 30 second get clean shower, no scrubbing

3rd shower: user cleanser

After what 2 showers would I put in the moisturizer? Or do I do it after all 3?

I'm afraid it will break me out (the moisturizer) but since I'm on Accutane I don't know, what you think about moisturizing on Accutane?

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Yeah dude you have to moisturize on the tane!! The right moisturizer will not make you break out. I would suggest checking out the personal logs of people who are currently on tane and see what they are using. I am starting next month so I'm just trying to get ideas now of what to use too. One thing i DO know is moisturizer is a must!! Good luck.

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Three showers?!? You better moisturize like hell after each shower or you'll be hating life real soon. You need a gentle non-comedogenic moisturizer designed for sensitive skin for your face - Purpose or Cetaphil are both good choices. For your body try Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

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Just to be controversial, i went to my derm the other day for a 6week checkup whilst on Accutane, and she said that i should NOT moisturise while on tane. tbh i dont know where she got this idea from as every other doctor i spoke to reccommended you mosturise.

My derm seemed to think that by mosturising you are cancelling the effects of accutane, but i just dont see the logic to this at all.

I havent mosturised as much since this visist, maybe every other day, but tbh my skin isnt that dry, but i do need to apply it every so often.

Anybody else been to a doctor who says not to use mosturiser whilst on tane? I was quite surprised really.

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