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nutrogena body clear on face?

Well i dont know becuase the ingredients make it look like alot of other regular SA washes out there, but I have been using nutrogena body clear body scrub the one with microbeads and it has completely cleared my chest. Heres the deal though, for some reason in the center of my chest i would always have hundreds of clogged pores some turned blackhead, the others turned into blemishes, no matter what i tried loofa, wash cloth there would always be clogged pores and lots of them. Then I started trying this product and in 2 weeks i have the smoothes chest ever, no clogged pores, no blackheads nothing, and no irritation or anything. Well Im curious to know that since my facial problems are so similiar: my main problem being clogged pores that i can visibly see and that usually end up in a blackhead or a zit, I figure why not try it. I know that face skin and body skin are different but the results on my chest were awesome and my face is usually full of clogged pores the kind u can tell are clogged and if u squeeze them stuff comes out but usually dont turn into acne. I consider my acne to be mild at most times and i never get a cyst or anything big, its almost always a clogged pore. I think one of the things besides the SA that is good for your skin in this wash is the microbeads, but they arent like most microbeads which i think are pretty big like in clean and clear blackhead scrub or really harsh like st. ives. They are extremely small and u can barely even see them only feel them but they are gentle enough to not feel them scrathing but strong enough to do the trick.

I will post my results from trying this for a while and seeing how it goes, and if anyone else has had any experience with it please let me know good or bad thanks

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I tried that along time ago, I remember it working ok, but neutrogena products have never really worked for me. I can't remember why I stopped using the scrub on my face, I dont even use it on my body anymore. Keep us posted.

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