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Lizzy's Regimen Log!!

Hey guys...welcome to my regimen log:) I came across this site last week, and decided to give the CSR a try...so here goes. Also, if you have any advice or comments on the products I'm using, plz post, thanks.


MorningCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser,

proactiv repairing lotion (2.5% BP),

Nutrimetics oil free apricot moisturising lotion,

1x Vibra Tablet 50mg (Doxycycline)


Same as above minus tablet

Well wish me luck...I'll keep ya posted, good luck t oeveryone else starting the regimen:)

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hey guys!

ive been on the regimen for a few days now. overall, my face is looking and feeling better, which is great!! i have a few more whiteheads than usual, but i guess this is just the IB. I have been trying VERY hard not to pick at them, so they are dying quickley and dont look to bad:)

I bought a new moisturiser today, Neutrogena oil free moisture, because the one I was using wasnt very good, and I like Neutrogena products.

Well hopefully my face will continue to improve, adios until next time :hand:

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hey Lizzy Beth... good luck on ur regime! :)... the products you are using sound alright, and should not cuz breakouts. I wanted to use the Cetaphil cleanser, but afta seeing the ingredients list, it contained SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) which isnt good. It has a rating of 5 in acne causing which is bad, (www.zerozits.com) Anyway could luck n take care!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Lizy Beth and welcome!

Your regimen sounds good, however I wanted to mention that if you wear makeup and/or have very oily skin, the Cetaphil cleanser might not clean very well. You might consider either the CSR Cleanser, or Purpose gentle wash. They remove makeup much better than Cetaphil.

Other than that, it looks like you are off to a good start!

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Thanks Brandy and acne1989!!

I don't really wear much make-up because I'm only 13, occaisionally I wear a bit of eyeliner or mascara, but as I don't wear much, the cetaphil seems to work ok. I really like the cetaphil because it's so gentle...but I'll see how it goes. I'm thinking about odering Dan's BP, so maybe I could get the cleanser at the same time.

Face is looking ok, although i have quite a few very small pimples around my mouth/jaw :( So far I really like the new moisturiser, although because its SPF it makes my face look a little white at first lol.

Anyway I'm off to skool, so adios till next time!!

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Argh!!!!! The area around my mouth is breaking out like crazy!! Why is this happening?

Before i started the regimen the area around my mouth wasnt too bad, so i dont know what is happening. I think I'll cut back on the bp around there and see what happens.

I really need to get clear guys. I do about 15 hrs of dancing a week, which means im constantly in front of a mirror, and when your the only one in the room with acne its really depressing:(

Anyway cya later

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