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Women: Guestions For Women On Doxycycline or Doryx

Hi Ya, i'm posting this for a friend of mine.

She dont have a computer.

Here's her questions.

I am on doryx 100mgs and am not getting any better only worse.

I have been looking around this board to find people that have had great results from this drug.

It seems to me that everyone who says doxy is great are men.

I don't think I heard any wmone say that.

So I was thinking that maybe this drug just works better for men.

Are there any women out there who are taking or have taken doryx 100mgs?

And can you please tell us your results or thoughts about the drug??

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Hello. I am on it 3 weeks now.. My acne is getting worse small tiny pimples are forming on my front cheeks where i never break out.. I dont know what to do.. My acnes getting worse and very red.. : /

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i was on it for 2 years and my skin was perfect.......but recently i had the same reaction kristen21 had.....i got tiny red pimples on the front of my cheeks and broke out real bad

i stopped takin them and my skin cleared up

weird huh

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To Ryan70's friend and Krsitin21, you may be experiencing an "initial breakout." Usually happens within the first 4-5 weeks, then you should see improvement if the drug is working for you. Amber0203, you probably built up a resistance to the drug and/or became sensetized to it, hence it was either a breakout from the drug being less effective or the beginnings of an alergic reaction (I suspect the latter since it went away when you got off the drug). 2 years is a VERY long time to be on the same antibiotic.

As for me, I'm a woman and the drug cleared up my skin to 100% clear twice--once in 9th grade and again last fall. I never had an intial breakout with that particular antibiotic, but I know it can happen. However, it's no longer as effective for me and I am trying other methods. But it can definitely work for men AND women. One thing I had to watch out for as a woman was yeast infections, since antibiotics (doxy in particular) make me more vulnerable to them.

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