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Sea Salt with or without Iodine

Hi everyone,

I'm new here.

I'm going to start with my question first. I went to the store to pick up some Sea Salt. This was in the salt section. There were two by the same company; one was course and unrefined and the other was labeled "this does not contain Iodine." Now, I've heard and done research that Iodine aggravates the acne. So which one should I get? Am I right to choose the one without the Iodine? I did not to get it until someone responds.

This is a very informative website. Thanks to this site, my bacne is clearing up with Head and Shoulder. This stuff is a godsend. Although it's not 100%, I'm VERY satisfied. I know I haven't seen many of you all talk about using on your face. But, I felt like this if it irritates your face why would I use it my scalp. My face is clearing up and I've yet to see anything pop out. Usually when I'm nursing one pimple another one forms. But, this is NOT the case. I took this risk on MY own and I hold responsibitlity if something happens. So far I am estatic. I don't go overboard on this stuff. I skipped one day after using it for about 4 days.

I will be honest I have one bump on my back, but I have to say that's less than usual. I can deal with one. I think there is something to be said about that Pyrinthione Zinc in the shampoo. I also found out while doing research that the Denorex contains 2%.

To those who currently using this and other things whether it's Proactiv, CSR, H&S, Clearisil, consistency is the key. You cannot expect fast results or you will end up disappointed. Once I start clearing up I will slack up, because I don't know the long term effects, but I'm not really worried, because just about every single thing we use have some sort of chemical in it anyway. If someone is thinking that H&S does not work check your bottle and make sure that it says Head and Shoulder Classic Clean Shampoo NOT the 2 in 1. That means there is conditioner in it. Also, if you are truly worried, then check with your dermatologist and ask them if it's safe. I think of it this way, we don't really know what's in Accutane and it's probably some unknown chemical just like our shampoos. I've been using it for 4 days and I'm still alive.

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