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So i had this pimple that started out as relatively small. Slowly but surely it grew to pretty massive proportions. So today i decided I would pop it. Well i got some stuff out, but mostly, I just made it worse. It started bleeding, I know i didn't get it all out and since I broke the skin, there's no way make up is covering this up. It's not pretty. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this go away? Any products that would be helpful?

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uhm.. usually when i get those kinda pimples,

i zap it with some Tea Tree Oil.

&& within 1-2 days..

its gone.

believe me.. TTO works like magic.

it'll reduce the size dramatically overnight :]

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I feel your pain. I've dealt w/ cysts like that my whole life. You have to be careful trying to pop those suckers. I can't count the amount of times I've squeezed w/ all my might to pop some of those to no avail. That just can't be good. The skin is delicate and that my force is just stupid. If there's not a visible white head, then I really try hard to not put the squeeze on it.

Anyway, I'm sure there are thousands of tips on how to best deal w/ those monsters and folks are probably tired of posting about it. But I usually just cake on 10% bp. More recently, I'll put some salicylic acid on it first then cake on the bp. Cake it on when I'm at home and at night, need to use lighter coats during the day.

Also, to get rid of the redness, apparently you can use visine or any other get the red out eye drops. Should last for several hours.

Since you are able to squeeze white stuff, that's a good sign IMO since it means it should go away quicker. The ones you can't pop seem to last the longest.

For the last 6 months or so, I've added the zeno device to my arsenal: http://www.myzeno.com/ I think it helps quite a bit. They say it might not help w/ the unpoppable cysts but I still use it on those too. It makes the zit super red for a quite a while after you use it, so I just use it at home and at night. It's expensive, but I like it and think it helps. (You could of course cover up the redness w/ concealer, etc. and thus use the device during the day).

Cysts suck. It will take time. Whenever I pop a zit, cyst or otherwise, I usually have to pop it again several times before it stops producing a popable head. So you'll see more gunk in a few hours if you're like me. They say you shouldn't pop'em, but if it's got a head on it, I pop it. Try to be gentle. DO NOT SQUEEZE W/ ALL YOU'RE MIGHT. I can't believe how hard I've squeezed in the past. What an idiot.

Good luck, and hopefully someone will chime in w/ some more tips (so we don't have to search for them. Searching sucks. hehe).

(edit: I sometimes use 100% tree tea oil too. I usually go w/ the sal and bp though, since it seems to work better for me, but I haven't given the just the tree tee oil technique a fair shake yet.)

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