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Hopefully no need for 10 diff types of vitamins......

Hey everyone!!!

I stopped doing the apple cider vinegar remedy basically for fear i was going damage to my teeth. On a brighter note though i came across a site actually recommending 3 products for acne. Its an irish owned site, unfortunately i havent tried any of the products yet but am going to order them tomorrow :D

I will keep this forum updated for those that are interested ;) and to prevent you from wasting your money if it doesnt work - i know how expensive acne is :cry:

Anyway ....

the 3 products are




The one im going to use is flor essence as it is for a detox -

" Where toxins have built up in the body and health has failed, Flor-Essence can gently break them down and facilitate their removal. This allows the body to be placed in balance and heal itself."

..it also has Burdock Root and Watercress known for helping acne so i feel in a way it may work out cheaper cause it prevents from having to buy each one seperately. If anyone has actually used them could you let me know how you got on please ;)

Sorry if it seems like another stupid post thats not going to work - but i thought it would give a little hope to everyone - it did to me, i felt pretty crappy today :cry:

Thank You for readin will keep updated when i get the stuff..

:wub: xxx

Also found this


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