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HELP NEEDED!! Stuck in a situation.. argh.. i hate acne

okay, so here is the deal.

yesterday i did a glycolic acid peel to help with my red marks because my skin is basically clear except for some small trouble areas.

Today the peel made my skin look very brown.. and its not like the skin was brown but i can feel a rough almost scaley like surface where i did the peel. I have had different spots like that before and I am pretty sure its just dead skin/scabby stuff that will naturally slough off. This morning in the shower i took a brush and lightly went over it and sure enough some if it kinda peeled off. I DO NOT want to force it off so Im pretty sure I will be stuck with this brown nasty skin for a couple of days.

Well I have a party at my dad's house to go to TOMMOROW that I have been really excited about and have been telling everyone I would be going to. However, my skin is obviously not in the condition to go. I called my dad and explained it to him and to my amazement he said its okay and he will be discreet about why I didn't go. This surprised me because he is the kinda dad that is like.. "everyone goes through it, its nothing to worry about; a little pro-activ will help you so much" :wall: . I get the feeling that he doesnt fully understand.

But anyway, this is still a huge deal for my dad because his parents are in town from out of the country and they will only be staying another week and they are counting on me being there. My dad's entire staff is counting on me being there, and all his friends and stuff.

The thing is, I feel really bad and guilty that I cant go! I know, its just skin but I hate it. I would be a pinochio-nosed liar if I said that my skin wouldnt bother me at this party. My dad said he has no problem with it but i know deep inside he wishes I could get over this and go because it would make him happier.

I already lied myself out of going to dinner at my friends house tonight with my mom and have had to cancel all my tumbling classes this weekend.


should i just stick it out and go or should i stay in for the weekend?

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don't be a wuss, stick it out, i know it's easier said than done, but if you do, good things could happen.

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Well what percentage of peel was it? I hope it's not a 50% like the thread in the red marks forum because if it is you'll have a nice large brown spot for the next few days. I'd say go and have a good excuse if people ask what happened. :whistle:

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I say go and have fun. You may meet a cute guy (if you already don't have a cute guy) ;)

I'm not expert in peels or anything, but do you think wearing some foundation would work or would it make it look worse?

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