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first off, i'm a 24 y/o male with mild to moderate acne.

so i've been doing the "only wash with water" regimen for the past 5 weeks now. the only time my face sees any action is when the water hits it in the shower twice a day. i currently am using no topicals, and just leaving whatever acne i get alone. the water method has been pretty up and down for me. some days i feel like im really close to being clear, and then some days it feels like my face is exploding. right now things arent looking so hot. ive got tons of clogged pores, oily skin (although less oily than when i used a bunch of aggravating cleansers) and a small amount of dead skin flaking off. the majority of the pimples i get are the big ugly, red, pus filled bastards. the kind that just love to leave red marks :evil:

im thinking about going back onto the skintactix regimen...which is about the only thing that has worked for me in the past 2 years. once i stopped using it in favor of other products, my breakouts went from just a few small areas on my forehead and temples, to basically my entire forehead. i'm not sure why i stopped using it in favor of other cleansers/topicals in the first place, but im definitely very skeptical to start putting crap on my face again after ive left it alone for so long. the only thing i can take out of the water regimen thus far is that my skin feels so much better. it doesnt feel dry or tight or sore, etc etc.

so basically im torn between using stuff on my face again or hanging in there for a little while longer and seeing where the water regimen takes me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

- jon

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hello mate.

I have been using this regime for quite a long time now.

Well i wash with only water and then use BP.

Reducing the amount of chemicals i use on my face.

Additionally, i have been using a sauna 2-3 times a week and it has cleared me of all those nasty red big spots that i used to get. I get the odd small zit that comes and goes quickly.

Give it a go.



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my line of thinking is that i'd probably need at least a few months of the water regimen to see some pretty good results. it's just frustrating because i know that i did this to myself. up until i was 22, i had completely flawless skin. never used anything on my face. just water in the shower. no chemicals whatsoever. and then when i quit smoking, i started to break out a little. i went right out and picked up some neutrogena face wash, and then i went for a ride on the product rollercoaster. and it's been the most boring, downhill rollercoaster ride ever! if i had only left my face alone originally....*sigh*...what could have been.

i can almost hear jan carlo screaming in my ear right now to stick with the water method :|

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well, i caved in this morning and restarted using my skintactix products. this is either gonna go really well or really bad. here we go again...

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well it's only been 3 days since i started using the topicals again, and i gotta say that the results have been excellent so far. i'm only using 3 products (the septicide cleanser, gentle follicle exfoliator, and green tea poultice) and i'm doing my routine twice a day.

my existing acne is clearing up pretty fast. i've got probably 6 or 7 dead and fading pimples that are going away faster with each day and about 3 or 4 active pustules that are no longer sore or tender and they are getting smaller as well. all of the tiny little whiteheads and clogged pores on my forehead (i had tons of them) are virtually gone and the green tea poultice does a great job of keeping my skin from turning into an oil slick. my red marks seem to be fading a lot as well.

the best part is that my face doesnt feel irritated at all. not tight or sore or red at all. feels like i have nothing on my face. i only hope that i dont get some sort of IB. the skintactix site says that there is only a small percentage of people who use their products and get an initial outbreak.

for the first time in months i can officially say im having a positive outlook about my skin and my confidence is starting to creep back up :D

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