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Retinoid or not retinoid?

I'm thinking of buying Green Cream 6; and I need some advise.

Right now I use (except for a cleanser and a moisturiser) BP and SA morning and evening and sometimes in between as well. I've done this during almost a year now. I see good improvements but still I'm not completely clear, and still get at least one inflamed pimple (and some more non-imflammatory ones) every 4 days or so. So I've been pounding over whether to start with GC. I'm aware that BP and GC should be used simultaneously so I was thinking of the following:

Morning: Clearasil Cleanser, BP 4%, Good moisturiser (skipping the name, as I live in Sweden so not many of you have probably heard of it :P)

Some afternoons: Cleanser, BP, SA, Moisturiser

Evening: Cleanser, GC, SA

Is this good?

My face is used to a lot of BP and SA, and I don't get flaky skin that much anymore (even though I use TONS of it).

Also, I've got a question about the initial breakout.

How severe are they usually. Right now my skin is medium-oily, and I get various types of acne ranging from blackheads to mild cystic acne...

Should I begin with some parts of the face first with GC, and then gradually expand the area?


BTW: ANything else I should be aware of?

PS: Please do post some of your experiences with GC or any retinoid (if you have used any)

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