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Previously on Retanoid; will this help with Accutane IB?

Hi all--

I've been on Tazorac (a retanoid) for the past 8 weeks or so, and Differin for 4-5 weeks before that (so total 3 months or so). Will having been on a topical retanoid help if I decide to go on Accutane? Obviously I won't continue to use it, but will it have helped that my skin already went through a retanoid IB (arguably is still going through one)? And if I didn't get an IB on my last course of 'tane (see below), does this bode well for this time?

This will be my second course of Accutane. I went through my first one 2 years ago, and though I don't remember it much (I have a horrible memory), I don't remember it being bad and it did clear me up. I kinda skimped on maintenance after that though--was using topical erythromycin and nothing else, so things creeped back. Late spring/early summer this year I started getting breakouts, especially on my neck which hadn't happened in a long time. I've been on Bactrim, Dan's DP(AM) and Tazorac(PM) for 2 months now with little improvements (maybe even some worsening). I see the derm Thursday and hoping to start Accutane then. This is really lame considering school will be starting soon, but what can ya do? I really want to knock it back to baseline and start a "real" maintenance program (possibly even 'The Regimen')

If I'm a male, am I able to start 'tane pretty quickly? What about the products I'm currently using--should I just up and stop them the day I start 'tane? I'll ask the derm all this stuff, but opinions are welcome anyway.



Sorry mods, I realized this is probably in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it if you think so too.


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