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i'm about 5'10 and 60kgs...

i only want to be on tane for 3 to four months and am willing to do a hardcore dosage if need be.

to me tane is just another drug and can't be any more harmful in large doses than any other illicit drugs i've used in large doses (anyone whos thinking of taking acid, don't think that just cuz u don't feel anything right away its alright to take more trips :injured: )

so what you guys reckon

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i doubt that your doc will let you decide the amount of accutane you want to be on.

If you waant to reach teh ideal cumulative dosage in 3 months,

but in any case that'd be 90 mg a day

my mistake, that;s 100 mg

100 X 30 X 3 = 9000

9000/ 60 = 100

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how long have you had acne? why are you rushing the cure by a couple of months??

that's a really immature attitude to have.

you'll be much happier and have long term remission with a steady moderate-high dose over 5-6 months.

most likely the derm will put you on 20-40 mg for the first month to avoid a breakout and see how ur blood tests turn out.

so forget about a short course. my sister tried that and it backfired BIG time.

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Most derms recommend a five month course, so here's the numbers:

If you weigh 60kg, your daily dosage could be anywhere from 30-90 mg/day. You want your cumulative dose to be 120-150 mg/kg, which means you want to take 60*120 to 60*150 total mg of Accutane. That's anywhere from 7200 to 9000 total mg of Accutane. If you take it over five months, that's 7200/150 to 9000/150 mg per day or 48-60 mg per day.

So, a 60 mg/day dosage would put you at the top of the effective range for a five month course.


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