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False. Infants develop "neonatal acne" because of stimulation of the baby’s sebaceous glands by lingering maternal hormones after delivery. Acne in infants actually hormonal, and caused by a drop in estrogen following birth and a breif spike in testosterone which influence the tiny and immature sebaceous glands in the vellus hair follicles to produce sebum for a period of a few weeks after birth. It's more common in male babies......and goes away within a few weeks to the first year of life. If we aren't are born with p. acnes on our skin (we are.....usually a small amount of the bacteria passes to the child either during birth or in utero)... then once the child is placed in it's mother's arms and comes in contact with her skin.....the bacteria is transferred and it rapidly colonizes the pores on the babies skin......p. acnes is actually a benificial bacteria that helps prevent the overgrowth of nasty guys like strep and staph..........it is essinatal to the baby's immature immune system............and usually not pathenogenic........

It's not p. acnes that causes baby acne.....it's the mother's hormons present after birth...

Acne in pre-pubescent children, if not caused by a side effect of medication like steroids, signals an adrenal problem regualting the hormone cortisol......

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