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Accutane question . . .when does acne stop

Hi, I'm on my fifth month of accutane with 80mg a day. I am very thankful for accutane since it has cleared my acne but I am still breaking out. I am only breaking out with a new pimple maybe once every other day. Does anyone know when the acne will stop coming completely?

A little about my situation: I never had sever acne, maybe a couple of pimples at a time, I went and had Photo Dynamic Therapy and the next thing that happened was a nightmare. From the top of my forehead to the sides of my sideburns I broke out. It wasn't really regualer acne, it was more like puffy bumps that just spread. ( I am feeling sick just writing this, but since I am all clear and I just have scars left, I can write about it)

I was immediatly was put on accutane and about three weeks later all my acne turned into scabs, because of the dryness. So now I had a whle face full of scabs. (the same scabs you get when cut yourself) I also found out that the healing process slows down extremely during accutane. For about two months, I couldnt really get my face wet, because if I did th scabes would fall off and the cycle would start over. I would just take baths and make sure I didnt get my face wet. Then aouut two months later, slowly the scabs fell off and now I have mainly redish scars covering the areas that had pimples.

Now I am on my fifth month. I break out with a new pimple maybe every three days. I was wondering if anyone knew when accutane will completely clear you. Also, what medication is the best to take to help the fading of red marks after accutane. Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately the answer is different for everyone. Some people find their acne stops within a month, others find that it stops once their course is finished, and some not even then. You just have to wait it out. Best of luck.

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