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For the longest time, this person I didn't know personally but knew as a person had mild acne. For so many years this person was known to say the same thing over and over when it came to going out or joining clubs or even going to watch a movie with friends. Let's call this person John in order to perserve the identity as you will find out at the end of this story.

John would deny going out and always say "I'll do more stuff when my face clears" or "Don't worry about me, I will just do stuff around the house". Little did John know of what his fate would end to. Finally after college when John's face did clear up, he noticed that a lot of the people he hung out with were no longer around. This soon would be the least of his problems. In the year he was clear, he didn't improve much socially. This was due to his inexperience of social situations he turned down throughout school and into college.

About a year after graduating school and having all these plans of finally going out and asking girls out, he died in an automobile accident. John was only 23.

Everyday do something new, because life is just too short.


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Yeah agree i like that story. Plus another thing. theres no guarantee that your acne is ever really gonna go away, epecially if youve had it bad it it just stays. It may just be a part of the rest of your life. So get out there and try to have some enjoyment of this thing we call life. Some of you say but people laugh at me and ridicule me. well just say the hell with em. don't let it get to you. Their will always be people trying to put you down. Dont let them controll your life

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