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Ok i just started the regimen ,i've been on it 4 only a week now and im starting to worry.My face feels really tight and it looks as if i have aged ova night.I mean my face looks slightly wrinkly wen i stretch the skin.I jus wanted 2 kno is dis normal? and wat shall i do 2 stop it from happening?

oh nd another thing i kno i am not meant 2 use it anywhere near my eyelids but my eyelids seem 2 b slightly suffering ,the closest i would use it is near my eyebrows, is der sumthing i'm doing wrong ?

plz help,

xxxblack barbiexxx


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it sounds like you have been using too much bp too soon.

Decrease the amount you are using, or skip the next application or two. And moisturize well. When your skin is feeling less dry and tight, if you want to begin the CSR again, start out with only a tiny amount of bp, like around 1/4 finger and use that for the first week. Then the next week move to 1/2 finger, and so on.

See if going low and slow helps your skin adjust easier.

Also, please list what cleanser and moisturizer you are using.

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thanx 4 da tips i will bear the amount i am using in mind.i mean i can c nd feel difference.I was jus worried with the look of my skin(that is the aged look).

oh nd by the way i am using,

ACT wash bar

panoxyl acne gel (5% BP)

and just some antiseptic cream

these were all advised and checked over by my GP.I use these products day and night.


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well, u are using 5%, and everybody here says that it's too drying, and that 2,5% does the same job, only with less drying. also, try using just a regular moisturizer, not antiseptic, coz it's probably not helping you with your tight skin. i've never heard of that wash before? maybe it also has some ingredients that are too drying, like any active ingredients, antibacterial, or soap. check the ingredients table, and if you can find any of these, switch to sth more gentle

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