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Hi people. Well, heres my story. I was playing hockey once about 3 years ago, and I wore a neck guard i found in the lost and found, cuz I forgot mine 600 miles away, and had no time to go get a new one. Halfway through the game I felt this super sharp pain in my back. I wasn't sure what it was, but I later noticed it was a pimple. Within 5 days, I had about 10 or so, and I had to dump my super hot girlfriend, because I was totally embarassed. Ever since then, They've just spread around my back. It's been really bad, pretty bad, pretty good, then pretty bad again. Right now, it's a new thing, all these tiny red bumps, with puss filled bumps.. Ah screw the description, I see that I can put a picture up. Anyhoo, I used Proactiv on my face, and it worked perfect! But, my back acne is too tough, I've went through 3 boxes and nothing has changed, I'm ready to give up, but it kinda seems like its keeping it, a little bit, under control. I'm almost out though, last box.

Here are some links to some new treatments. Starting with the one I plan to get next.

http://ca.zenmed.com/bodyacne/?aid=4028&pop=0 <<< sounds good :eh:



Also, it'd be really nice if you people could compare yours to mine, I dont know if mines "average" bad, or good, or what it is. I've never seen anyone else with it. :wall: [attachmentid=5223]



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