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Guest papillon

What do you think about picture "warnings"?

Do you want picture "warnings"?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Yes/No?

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    • No

Guest papillon

Hello. :)

I'm not talking about giving people's faces:

5 star rating for HOT

4 star rating for Above-Average

3 star rating for Average

2 star tating for whatever, and so on. That would just be degrading.

Before you get all excited/upset: I don't want warnings on actual members' acne severity or faces. That's not nice. I wouldn't feel good about it if people gave me a 5/5 for "OMG. Severe Acne."

I'd like to see warnings such as:

"Graphic: A lot of blood on face" on pictures that are NOT about members' acne or members' faces.

"Graphic: Raw skin"

"Graphic: Peeling skin"

"Graphic: Red and blistering skin", etc.

I know it would be really mean and shallow to give subjective warnings on stranger's faces as well. Plus, everyone has varying degrees of subjective opinions, I know. I wouldn't like to be in that stranger's shoes and have my face warned as "Graphic: Red, raw face with numerous pox on it." For example -> http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=105151 (Um, I hope I linked the small pox link..) I wouldn't have clicked on it if the title had a "warning/graphic" sign on it.

But you know, the "warnings" I've mentioned above are not THAT subjective. They just objectively describe the skin in the picture. It doesn't say, "Monsterous boy with really bad acne."

I'm sorry, but I have a really weak heart (from taking erythromycin and having a serious allergic reaction) and I almost fainted from looking at that picture (I'm sorry, but it's not funny. :cry: I could feel irregular heart beats and I almost did faint.). Also, that was not the scariest picture I've seen pn this forum. :(

I don't know, but maybe we could just put a little "Graphic" sign in the Topic Title/Description section (or have a Post Icon for "Graphic Picture") so I don't faint in the future? :) (For example, a red square with a "G" in the middle?)

I really like this forum and have been around for almost 2 years, but the "scary/graphic" pictures, well, scare me.

Eh, I hope no one got mad. Just a suggestion. :)


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Guest papillon

Hahahhaha, okay. Never mind, then. I guess it's a bad idea. Your votes are appreciated.


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