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Titanium Dioxide in Sunscreens

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I've heard that the "natural" titanium dioxide sunscreens can be good, and non-comedeogenic, but I've bought several (Origins Save the Day Spf 25) and I end up getting little bumps, loads of blackheads, and some develop into zits. I'm just wondering if any of you have had a similar experience, and what you have found that works well instead. I like to use Spf 25 or higher since I'm outside quite a bit. Thanks!

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My criteria for a good sunscreen are:



Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB protection

High SPF


Sweat/Water proof

If it don't say all that on the label, I ain't buying it. Titanium dioide is not listed as an ingredient on my sunscreen that has all that (Neutrogena SPF 45) but I do not know if it clogs pores. There is a wonderful post somewhere that lists active ingredients in sunscreens and their concentrations for certain SPF's... I don't remember where it was but I'll look.

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Some people do break out in response to titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Sadly, while both are supposed to be more gentle (and are therefore used in baby sunscreen products), they may clog pores more.

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