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Well guys i finally got some stuff for this diesase :) I dont have a lot of active acne, prob like two zits. one of them is pretty big though. i went from being 110% clear (not a single blemish) to looking like pizza the hut in 3 weeks time (roids are bad). This is my second time though. Same shit happened first cycle. I got on doxy for like a month or so and i was clear for bout 10 months.. not using anything else.. it was great. well im back to square one and im back on doxy and derm gave me retin-a and duac. I have lots of faith in doxy cause it worked so great first time, but i have read second time is not as good as first but we will see. i have more brown spots from past acne, cause my acne got real bad bout two weeks ago.. i got have gotten two facials since then, which was ugly to watch according to my girl. she said there was blood flying everywhere! haha. anywho i read duac is good but do i leave it on all day ? Also im gonna try retin-a every other night, cause i have read ugly stuff about it. Ill be updating this thread with my results. whoever is thinking about jucing.. so not worth it.. get ur diet straight and put ur time in gym. Juice really messed up my life in such a small time span. I went from having 110% confidence to hiding in my room on friday and sat nights. So the battle begins!

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Guest papillon

Hello fellow Acne Hater.

Good luck with the battle!

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well been bout 5 days and my face looks way better than it started. I have had two treatments for acne scars.. just dark spots left from acne, and only taking doxy. The treatment is weird, its not micro dermabrasion but she uses these pen looking things and rubs ur scars, and it feels like its kinda shocking u. Not shocking like hurting but it tingles. I have no idea what the the hell it is, but i mean within two treatments all my dark spots are visibly lighter. I have yet to use retin, im a wuss i guess. But my face now compared to this past monday, big difference for sure. lady said with about two to three more treatments ill be fine... so we will see what happens

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