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Is it really safe to use this much Bp??

There's been no conclusive evidence that BP is unsafe, other than some studies that showed that BP was carcinogenic...at 100% concentration.

All BP does is absorb into the skin and decompose into benzoic acid and oxygen, and neither of them are harmful. It does remove the outermost layer of skin, though, making you more susceptible to being burnt by the sun, but if you moisturize with a lotion with SPF15, or use sunscreen as a final step, you should be more than safe.

If your skin shows signs of darkening or wrinkling, don't worry, it's just the skin's reaction to excessive dryness, and will go away with increased moisturization or decreased BP.

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I've been using BP 2x a day since I was 13 or 14. I'm 16 now. I have had no problems thus far...Yes I've noticed even with my oily, oily skin, my skin still flakes around the mouth area in particular, so I use moisturizer 2x a day also.

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For you it should be perfectly safe. Just look at someone like Dan, he has used this much bp ever since her started the regimen and he looks pretty healthy to me! I myself have never had any problems either. I DO reccomend an spf 15 moisturizer though. Try dove deep moisture with spf 15....i really like it as a daytime moisturizer.

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