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Do you rub your face in the shower?

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When i take a shower my skin feels really wierd... feels like i have alot of dead skin of my face so i put the St.ives appricot srub to losin the excess skin then use my finger to rub them off after that my skin feels really smooth. If i dont do this, after the shower, my face would get really dry and flaky and this is everyday too, i have to do this everyday and new skin still kept comming off.

You guys must srub your face in the shower to get rid of access skin dont you? i mean... you have to! unless you use the tape method daily but if you dont where do the dead skin go? even if you mousterize it, the dead is still there, so how do you guys get rid of the dead skin? is it good to srub dead skin in the shower?

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I find it interesting that no one has ever asked that same question. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have to rub the dead skin off every day as well. However, this is only when I am using Retin-A. Also, when I did not live in the dry climate that I live in now, it was not every day, but like every 3-4 days. Shaving also exacerbates the process, so this ritual is probably more prevalent in males.

I think overall it is a good thing. My skin has gotten used to rapid cell turnover which helps to clear away the redness and my skin feels smooth after. But you must be very careful when you breakout. You must stop the process or you will peel away the dead skin that forms when your cysts are drying up and healing. If you rub away the dead skin, you will not allow it to heal completely and it will leave a shallow indentation.

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Yea mark, i find it really odd that this subject has never been brought it, am sure everyone has gone thru this and you are right about a cyst drying up, i had a few scar and dark mark of scrubbing over a healing scab, sometimes even when i dont touch it by the warm water make the scab so moist that it comes off easily sad.gif

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

I just use gentle exfoliator scrub from physicians choice when I apply my neutrogena face wash.

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