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I'd like to know this too as I've just started it today. 300mg twice a day.

I'm switching from Minocin just because I've been on it forever. There may be considerable resistance and other bacteria coming into the picture cos of the length of time.

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iv been on this stuff for just over a month.

it hasnt relly done much as of yet, although it has gotten rid of some of my large red blemishes. But i still have problems with small pimples...

my doctor says to stick to it and be patient cos i could be upto 8 monthes before i see any results...

has anyone been on this for longer than me?

does it work?

good luck xxxoo

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This is a sulpha antibiotic. I've tried it three times. The first time I tried it, it was the best stuff I ever took. Pimples stopped coming almost immediately. I was only on it for a month or so, though the derm told me they could do a longer term dose.

The second time I broke out in hives, especially if I was hot or cold. It was January in MN, so going outside gave me a rash almost instantly. A very strange thing.

The third time I had the same result and have not taken it since. Some doctors are hesitant to prescribe Septra because hive reactions are common and some can be very severe. However, I've read from others also that it was very effective for them.


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