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I'm 17 years old and recently had a fresh outbreak of acne that I thought was under control. I have been following the guidelines for the clear skin routine, but have to use 10% bp cream because I'm in China and that's all I could find. I'm now on my 11th day, and just broke out severly, in the areas where I was applying the BP the most. Could this have caused my breakouts? I'm exfoliating to clear dead skin cells and using a moisturizer to prevent over-drying. The moisturizer is oil free and contains 1% Salcylic acid to help cell turnover. I'm wondering if this is the normal "week 2" breakout that Dan talks about in the "what to expect" section. I hope this is not something that I'm doing. They do seem to be fading quicker than my usual spots, which is a good sign. I've been sticking to the routine religiously in hopes of clearing my skin before returning home (11 days). My skin tends to heal quickly and acne never lasts long, theres just always a new bump to replace the healing ones. I've been lucky enough not to scar.

Am I doing more harm than good?

- Chan

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:D Hey Chan,

I'm no expert on the CSR and Brandy is probably better to answer your questions, but i'll give it a bash. Firstly using 10% bp usually does more harm than good as it is extremly over drying, and I would STRONGLY advise forking out the extra money for Dans CSR BP Gel, because it has been proven to be the most effective.

Secondly exfolliating means that you are probably scubbing the skin too hard, which could cause irritation. On the CSR there is no form of exfollient used.

Thirdly your moisturiser containing SA. I personally would advise against this as you are just adding another ingedient into the regiem. If you can get hold of Eucerin Face Dry Relief creme you wouls be at an advantage.

But apart from that its all gravey baby :D

Good luck, and always keep with it!!! Let us know your progress.


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Hi Chan,

Are you positive there is nothing milder than 10% bp where you are? Even 5% would be better. Ask around, check with your pharmacist/chemist and see if he/she can locate you a milder bp. And do consider ordering Dan's CSR gel if you can, it is very nice!

The 10% will probably dry you alot especially if you try to use it as generously as Dan recommends we do the 2.5% so I think you should use much less.

Please find a different moisturizer that isn't medicated with Salicylic acid. Just a nice oil-free non-comedogenic moisturizer will be fine.

Also, what cleanser are you using?

Some people do experience a breakout around week two, so that may be what is going on with you. See if you can find a milder bp though.

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I'm living in an area of China that doesn't have running water, to paint you a picture. I've tried asking about a pharmacy, but it's out of the question. I did manage to get a hold of some non-medicated, oil free Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer. My skin has improved dramatically. Even with the 10%, I don't have much redness or peeling, and I'm applying slightly less than Dan recomends. I plan on switching to 2.5% ASAP when I return to the states. My break-out has cleared, but I still have 2 small, deep, under the skin cysts that will not go away. I am using a Nivea gentle cleansing face wash once a day. In the morning, I wash with water to remove the excess BP cream, then pat dry with a towel.

Thanks for all the help.... Any advice is appreciated!


p.s. - I've been drinking about 2 liters of green tea a day, which is doing wonders for my skin! I highly recomend it to anyone!

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