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My experience of Tane


I used to be a very regular visitor to these forums, and I used to suffer terribly with acne, it controlled my life.

I just thought that I would make a post to tell you all what happened during my courses (!) of tane, and my opinion as a result of this drug, as I know people here are always asking for advice.

Well, I had to have two courses in the end, as I had a sever relapse two or so months after my first course (which completely devastated me, I nearly dropped out of university as a result).

However, for me, and for most people who would consider using this drug, I would say DEFINATLY go for it, as quick as you can, as it is the ONLY reliable answer to moderate to severe acne in my opinion, nothing comes close, its like comparing a kiss better to ibuprofen. The side effects did not effect me too badly, and the result was COMPLETELY worth it.

I went private as no NHS derm would give me a look, and paid for the whole two courses (and private consultation and blood tests etc.) out of my own pocket - mostly student loan (I'm 18), and have never looked back.

My face is completely clear now, and reliably so - I no longer worry about touching my face or keeping it 'sterile'. Considering the sandpaper with deep red blotches I used to have for a face, its unbelieveable!

No scars, I tan beautifully now (been off the tane since end of march), nobody would ever know that I have ever been anything but a very attractive young male - now with a stunning girlfriend - unbelievable.

In short, my whole life, the fact that i'm still alive even, is soley due to tane. Tane gave birth to me as I now am. Period.

My advice - IF YOU HAVE ACNE - GET TANE NOW, ITS WORTH IT! (no this isnt sponsered, yes i hate drug comanies, yes i'm a communist :shhh: ).

PS FYO my acne was what everybidy described as mild to very mild. My private derm gave it to me as soon as I asked him - i guess he didnt care so long as I was happy - completely the opposite to the NHS derm who said point blank that there was no way any derm would put me on tane as I was too mild. Hah!

PPS For all you who are desperate for tane but for one reason or other cant get hold of it thanks to red tape, long waiting lists for derms or whatever - dont bother!! You can buy it on american websites - just search around, or if you have a contact in certain european contries (I know of Bulgaria and Greece for two) you can get them to buy it over the counter for you and get it posted (or take a holiday there or something). The mania surrounding 'tane doesn't exist globally you know, and you will almost certainly get it cheaper if you source it yourself. Go forth and tane!!

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