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trouble i have been having

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hey everyone...

i've been using the regimen since about july. i am 23 and use the purpose soap. initially it really helped. over the past few weeks however, it has been less effective.

here are some things i think may be leading to the ineffectivness:

1) i don't get a great amount of sleep.

2) i work out alot, and for some reason link this to acne, although iv'e read on here that that is not the case.

3) i do not use moisterizer any longer. i did in the first few weeks, but it would flake and chunk up on my face...plus my skin is kinda oily so i figured if anything that would help.

4) after reading some recent posts, i wonder if i use TOO much bp. my biggest trouble spot (by far) is in between my eyes and right above on my forehead - kind of a tricky spot.

alright well if dan you have some time to help me i would really appreciate it. your regimen is great and i was so excited when i found it and it helped me, but i am losing faith. over the past few years i've found different soaps and cleansers that helped me initially, but lost effectiveness after time and i hope this isn't the case with the regimen. regardless, its a great thing you do for people.

thanks in advance for any help....

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Guest fatman_uk

1. You GOTTA get some sleep, at least 6 hours, 8+ hours is recommended. 8)

2. Workin out wont cause it unless u do heavy weight training, coz this CAN raise ur testorone levels, which obviously, CAN affect acne in a lot of ppl. :oops:

3. You might be too irritated without realising, or ur moisture levels in ur inner layers of skin might be too low. MOISTURISE!!! Oily skin dont matter, it can help lower oil production if u moisturise. Using constantly dryin products like BP, along with no moisturiser won't help ur skin stop bein oily coz ur glands will work overtime to keep ur skin mositurised. :roll:

4. the regimen worked for me for a few months but then i think i also used too much so i stopped it, now i jus use 1/3 of a fingers worth, and only at night. An in the morning i use a pea size worth of moisturiser. An its workin just as good as the regimen did for me, except im not as oily an my skin isnt dry, oily, irritated, red, or nuthin EVER. :D

Im not sayin my way is better, NO NO NO, not at all, its jus what works for me, we all have to find what works for US, since we ARE all different.An thr regimen worked, for a while, then when i moved on it helped me find what works for me. If i hadnt found Dan's site an done the regimen, i wudda never thought that sumthin as obvious as On-The-Spot would work, not after everythin else that failed! :wink: :D:D


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That bums me ought about the possibility that heavy weight-lifting can lead to further acne. I could definitely see the equation:

heavy lifting :D more testerone :D more acne :D good vibes from working out dashed by big zit on cheek

Now I go back and think about it, my heavier lifting, like 205 benching (I just can't reach 225 for some reason) or 300 squatting never really leads to breakouts, but when I half-ass my workouts (like doing machines) or not even bothering to go to the gym because I'm too lazy or my face broke out, then I seem to get more acne.

Plus, I've had weight-lifting highs so extreme that you could pull my nose, empty my bank accounts, hit my car with 4 dozen shopping carts, and tear the head off my favorite boyhood stuffed bear, and I still would feel good, so a little acne shouldn't bother you if you're lifting like a gladiator.

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I think this is an important post, and something many people should read.

First of all, if the regimen works at first, it should always work, so you should be very optomistic.

What I notice that people often do is they slowly stray from the regimen as time wears on. I think I need to make a checklist something like the following and post it on the site:

1. Are you still applying the bp extremely gently? As time wears on people tend to get impatient and rub harder to get it over with faster. The regimen requires a lot of patience, and you really want to be gentle. This goes for washing as well.

2. Are you using as much bp as you were? When in doubt, use more. I really don't think you're using too much unless you're using a 10% solution perhaps--Gaz will disagree :D

3. Are you still using the same products? In your case, you are no longer using moisturizer. Probably a bad idea. Also, go ahead and try the Eucerin Renewal. It works very well with the bp.

4. Are you irritating your face in some way? For instance, have you started picking more, touching more, kissing more - not that it's a bad thing - but it can aggravate acne, or were you exposed to an abnormal amount of sun in the past few weeks?

To address the workout, I would reiterate that it probably doesn't make a big difference, unless you are washing your face or showering afterward or maybe using the steamroom or something. You want to wash your face only twice per day. If you're sweaty and it's the middle of the day, simply blot your face with a paper towel or regular towel gently and leave it alone.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm going to put the checklist on my list of things to do.


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Please don't STRESS yourself...as stress will encourage your cortisol to produce more oil secretion to epidermis.

Eat balanced diet...although they claimed that diet has nothing to do with ACNE. BUt a balanced diet will provide the energy you need the whole day. Please avoid food with too many iodine such as KELPs, SHRIMEs, and algae. Please be caution about the amount of iodine in your multivitamin supplement. If it exceed or exactly 150mcg..then you shouldn't take it again.

Well...use a oil-free and non comenogenic moisturizer. Although some claimed to be uncomfortable with moisturizer but at least the moisturizer can retain moisture to your skin after applying BP...

Sleep at least 6.8 hours per day...if you are extremely busy..then take at least 30minutes to rest yourself.Take a nap maybe will help...

Use the gentle 2.5% of BP to your skin. 1st.. and see what happen before you proceed to the larger doses.

hopefully can help,

god bless you all,

garkee2002..cheers. :wink:

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Guest fatman_uk
I really don't think you're using too much unless you're using a 10% solution perhaps--Gaz will disagree :D

No no no Dan, not at all, the BP is the thing that makes the regimen what it is an u DO need to use LOTS for it to work right, about 1/2 a finger for each palm sized area id say.

I was jus sayin that i have sensitive skin an since i dropped the LOTS of BP bit an used a minimal amount of things on my face, the dryness an iritation has stopped. It was jus too much for MY face, but im in no doubt the regimen works, since it did for me.

The only thing is, when i last f*cked up my regimen b4 the old boards went down, my face was goin bad coz it was too irritated an dry. Theres obviosly a line u should draw on how much to use, i was usin too much i think. Then i decided to try the 'less is more' approach, thinkin this would be best for my skin. I use NO BP, an my face was fine except for a few zits appearin on my jaw (my problem area). So the small amount i use now at night does JUST enough to stop them appearin there, without the dryness. :D

Jus what works for me. If anyone asks me about the regimen im gonna instruct em on THAT like i used to, no way ill advertise my method jus coz it works for ME. Theres only me here doin it, look how many the regimen worked for, u get me? :wink:

Id never be on this method, with the BP if it werent for u showiong me the awesome power, within that little tube. Dan. Cheers once again! :mrgreen:


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Yup...fatman you are right. I also need lots of BP on my skin to maintain it clear. I still remember , one time...I was thinking of letting my skin to REST after being applied so many BP all the day. After I cleansed my skin, I just left it like that. AFter I cleansed my skin for applying BP again, I realised I have a small whitehead just on my chin. That's quite bad. As we know that our skin would be accustom to BP and BP wouldn't affect our skin oil-production..so...what we can do to maintain clear and clean skin is never to let the P.acne to have any chances to develop a zit...... We can prevent it by applying the amount of BP everytime to ensure clear skin.

p/s...the amount of BP that each person need is vary . So...you should know what and how many suits you...! :wink:

god bless you all,



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