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Hey all,

So about 4 days ago I decided to try a natural approach to skin care and just wash with water on my face and body (Aside from some body wash on armpits and other crucial places). It really seems to be calming the tone of my face down but my chest is starting to seem like more pimples and red marks are popping up. Washing everday wasnt really a better solution but I don't kno why it's helping my face and not my body.

Any reply or thoughts would be great.


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First of all, your face could be clearing up due to any number of things. . . drier weather, less stress, better diet. . . So keep track of those as well so you don't get discouraged if you do break out.

I would say though, that your face might be clearer because it has less irritation; and your body might be breaking out because its trapped inside of clothes more often. If there's sweat, or dampness from humidity, that's going to cause more breakouts which might not appear on your face because its out in the open all day.

I'd say keep going with what you're doing on your face just to see if it works in the long run. But I'd recommend doing something for your body, like a 2% salicylic body wash - or whatever you feel comfortable with.

good luck.

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Decade: the shirt thing is a very good point - i'll try some different things out. I still wonder why the Romans could bath once a month and be fine.... lol

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