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Thoughts On Red Mark Removal

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I've been on the CSR for about 5 weeks and have seen drastic improvement with the exception of two decent sized zits that popped up on my cheeks this weekend. All in all the CSR has been unbelievable, I never thought something so simple would work so well. Props to Dan for sharing / figuring this out.

On to my question...

Right now I'm 24 and didnt get acne until I was about 19 years old when I went into college. In the begining it was really bad but over time has really mellowed out. Up until about a month ago I was completely clear of everything for probably 3-4 months using nothing at all, just washing my face at night with regular hand soap (bad I know) until I had a bad enough of a breakout to make me go online and start looking for a solution again. Fast forward to right now and I'm pretty clear of active pimples again but I have since had 3 of the worst pimples I've ever had, 2 of which I have right now and one which left the nastiest red mark I've ever had. In the past my red marks have gone away naturally over time but now after reading of all the different ways to speed up the process on this board I'm interested in trying some other methods. I come from the school of "if it aint broke don't fix it" so I'm a little leary of adding / taking away thing from the regimen. I read Jess's Exfoliation method and am a little leary of trying this as my acne right now is currently under control with the exception of the 2 pimples I mentioned earlier. I'm thinking that the best method might be to incorporate the neosporin cream into my routine at night to remove the red marks but am unsure what results I may have. As I said I want to avoid another break out and think that the harsh rubbing of my skin with a brush might cause me to go two steps back. Has anyone tried adding just neosporin to their regimen without the exfoliation to remove redness? What about the Bio-Oil? Do you apply the Bio-Oil after you have done all 3 steps of the CSR? Any thoughts would be appreciated

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I've tried Neosporin, but stopped as it's very oily. I have not tried Bio-Oil, but I included scar remover with vit A plus Allantoin in my regimen. So far, it worked good for me.

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hey , there above.

u apply neo to the spots with redmarks not the whole area !

i tried it on two spots on my face to see how it will work, if i see good results after 2 weeks i'll do all my red spots. Im using a VERY small amount. Is this the recommended dosage?

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