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Some one please help me with my acne red spots

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I am a 15 year old boy who needs help with acne. First, my problem started with ordinary pimples that eventually developed heads. My parents had given me a small needle that they said could be used to pop these pimples and with a very gentle squeeze, remove the goo inside. As time went on I kept using the needle, never having sterilized it (fontunately, this was realized and discarded before it could cause more problems). After using it on a large pimple on my nose, I started to see I had a problem. The pimple would hardly not go away, and hardly even shrink. This was unusual because my acne hardly ever lasted more than a week. After about a month (probably the longest month of my life) the pimple finally shrunk to a very small lump. However, the red spot remained. The same happened on the other side of my nose, but there is no lump or hole. I have tried desperately for the last 5-6 months to get these red marks to shrink or fade. I still have very minor acne on my face aside from these spots and would greatly appreciate any help available to remove these scars (if that's what they are). Thank you for your time.

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You are very young and before srewing it up, Beg your parents to take you to a good dermatologist. Don't do anything stupid. It's your face and if you start messing around with it, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I bet some members on this scar forum instead of going to the doctor first, they experimented "do-it-yourself" procedures and now they're paying the consequences. If you still have acne, treat it first. For the mean time, don't even touch your face. Throw away all the needles, nails, toothpicks,screws you have at home!

Remember, you have only one face.

P.S. If your parents can't afford a doctor, do something, I don't know, borrow money from your friends, or sell your bike or nintendo, or maybe sell your Barney movies on ebay, but do something!

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I'm using scar remover containing vit a and allantoin to help fade my red and brown spots on both cheeks. So far, the progress has been good as it's fading at least 50% on mine.

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