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Clindoxyl: Better than typical BP?

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I've been using Clindoxyl as part of my regimen, daily, for the last 3 months or so. It doesn't seem to overdry my skin which is a good thing, but my acne persists nonetheless. I tried applying more of the cream, like Dan recommended, but I am not sure if this is beneficial to my situation. I heard that applying lots of BP over blemishes and the surrounding area, alleviates the problem quite a bit but is this true about the Clindamycin?? Since Clindoxyl is composed partially of BP and of Clindamycin, may the drugs be having a bad interaction with eachother. Should I go with "plain" BP instead?

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Clindamycin is an antibiotic, and overuse of it can cause bacteria to become resistant to it. Thus, the bacteria may not be dying anymore and causing more acne. Bacteria cannot become resistant to bp which is what makes it so good. I would say you should switch to bp only.

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I wonder if my acne is already immune to the Clindamycin? If it is, would applying a cream with this antibiotic be a futile effort? Plus, I noticed that I have many blocked pores (blackheads) especially on my nose and forehead, so could anyone recommend some "very gentle" exfoliating agents?

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