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At the beach for a week...CSR advice

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I am at the beach in florida this week and I'm not sure what I should do about the regimen.

Obviously we will be going to the beach at some point in the day, so I'm not sure when or if I should do my morning application of the regimen.

If I go to the beach early in the day, I can just wait until after I get back from the beach to take a shower and do my first application because it will give me enough time in between before I do it again before I go to bed.

However, if we go to the beach or pool in the mid afternoon, should I still do my morning application because I know that if I do, all the bp will just wash away after I get in the water and plus I will be taking a shower after I get back so I'd have to do another application?

If anyone has been in this situation, I'd appreciate your input. Thanks alot. I've been clear for about 2 weeks now and I'm just hoping this vacation doesn't break me out because it's interfering with my daily routine.

Thanks again!

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Just do it when it's convenient for you, really. Both of your timing plans sound fine. If you go to the beach in the afternoon, try to do your morning regimen as early as possible and do the evening one sometime after you shower post-beach. You can wait after you shower, if you like, it's not crucial to get the BP on your skin. If there is a few hours where you don't have the gel on your skin, so be it, not a huge deal or worth worrying about. What I WOULD worry about is sun damage while you have BP on your skin. BP makes your skin very senstive to the sun and you can burn much more easily. Put on some good SPF 30 or 45 sunscreen on your face and body before you go outside to protect yourself.

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yes, go ahead and do your morning routine if you will be swimming in the afternoon time. What I do is do my morning CSR, then take my sunscreen with me. After I've gone in the water, I pat my face dry and apply my Coppertone oil-free spf 30. Then I'm good to go for a few hours!

If you swim in the a.m., then yea just wait until you are done to do your morning CSR. But do apply sunscreen before you go out!!

Have loads of fun!!!

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Thanks for all the help everyone! Yea, I agree that sunblock will be really important for me this week as I'm going to be out in the sun alot. Great advice from everyone and I will make use of it during this week. Thanks again!

where in florida are ya?

I'm staying in Fort Myers. We usually go to the ocean side so we're trying something new this year. I heard the beaches on this side are suppose to be really nice but so far, I think the ocean side has been better. Have you been on this side before? Any recommendations while I'm here?

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