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UPDATED DEC 8 -- ACCUTANE IS A MIRACLE -- Accutane Log with Pictures (Started July 8th, 2006)

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Hi everyone. Welcome to my anonymous accutane log. I have read a lot on this forum and on other websites and found comments from other users extensively useful so I decided to post my own log to contribute to other people that will be trying this drug.

I weigh around 200 lbs. Everyone always says how I would look much better if I didn't have acne, even though its not that bad. I've obviously seen in photos, and in person, some people that have extremely bad cases of acne to the point that it must literally be completely ruining their lives.

I am not one of those people and I really pity what they must go through. For me, I have a moderate/light but very persistent acne that has not responded at all even when I religiously used over-the-counter remedies. I tried 2 months of tetracycline and that was utterly useless. (I took a larger dose at first which helped somewhat but after I lowered my dose it had practically no effect.) For me, the acne is really annoying but it doesn't ruin my life. I mean, it can be painful, I do get some cysts but some days my skin is clear (although it looks a bit red and unhealthy pretty much always.) I absolutely hate it, but I'm not going to bitch and whine because I can understand how much it would suck to have a super-bad case of acne... I'm just saying I wish I had perfect skin and I'm trying to get it.

After YEARS of procrastinating I finally went to my family doctor and when I was there I asked if there was anything that would really help my situation. Without hesitation he wrote me a prescription right away for 40 mg and I started about a week ago.

I have to admit, I was right freaked out after reading some of the stuff on the internet about all the evil things that isotretinoin can do but at this point I'm not too worried about things since I haven't had any bad reaction at all so far.

I'm just hoping I don't have a bad IB...

DAYS 1 to 7

Anyways, after the first week of a single daily dose of 40 mg (very light dose for someone who weighs 94 kg ... mind you I have practically no fat on my body) ...

I didn't have anything different at all for the first few days.

After that I have had no side effects except for:

-- extremely mild eye irritation (I wear contacts 12+ hours a day while on accutane and so this doesn't surprise me. my eyes don't hurt or anything bad. they just feel slightly sore at night if im watching TV or the computer screen)

-- very mildly chapped lips (I didn't have this at all on day 6 but now that it is day 7 I do have it)

-- facial skin is a bit more dry than usual but not extremely dry

Overall, very minor side effects. That's it... As for depression, I haven't felt better in weeks. I've been very bubbly and happy lately.

I will check back soon!!



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welcome to the org. Hope your have good luck with accutane, your pics look pretty good. Doesn't look like you have too many, if any of those stubborn cysts!! Good luck!


welcome to the org. Hope your have good luck with accutane, your pics look pretty good. Doesn't look like you have too many, if any of those stubborn cysts!! Good luck!


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Hey champ thanks for stopping by and saying hi in my log :D

Your situation sounds almost exactly the same as me - 3rd year uni, mild yet stubborn acne, way too much procrastination, and overall fed up with doing so much topical OTC crap and just wanna get rid of acne once and for all! :)

You've started on a higher dose than me but my doctor wasn't exactly clear on when i should jump to 40mg - in fact it was almost like he left it up to me to decide. I'm gonna wait a few weeks to see what happens with my IB and once I feel it's under control I'll bump it up myself.

It's good that you and I are in very similar situations and have started at practically the exact same time ... best of luck mate i'll keep checkin in here often!

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welcome to the org. Hope your have good luck with accutane, your pics look pretty good. Doesn't look like you have too many, if any of those stubborn cysts!! Good luck!


Thanks Taren, Yeah it's really just the way my skin looks unhealthy... maybe about once every week or two, I get a cyst. I HATE THOSE SO MUCH. OMG. lol

Your situation sounds almost exactly the same as me - 3rd year uni, mild yet stubborn acne, way too much procrastination, and overall fed up with doing so much topical OTC crap and just wanna get rid of acne once and for all!

Yeah, identical situations. I never figured it would persist this long and yeah all the OTC products are overpriced and totally useless... I'm happy that I might be able to finally quash this problem...

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OTC stuff doesn't work, I totally agree. If it did, no one would have acne right?! I never really dealt with the cycts till the last year but I was miserable, now I have some scars. GRR. Have a great day!


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DAYS 8/9

-- skin looks okay, has been good for the last 10 days.

-- lips are definitely getting more dry... my blistex "complete moisture" chap stick kinda sucks (im coating it on and it doesnt seem to help a whole lot), i'm going to go shopping for something that works better.

-- otherwise, im happy and feeling great. no depression, joint pain, IB ... just very slightly sore eyes and chapped lips ... im sure i will get more side effects, ... the side effects ive had so far basically round down to nothing at this point. woohoo!!

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Day 14

Wow, time goes really fast.

So far, I love this drug. Side effects have been very minimal.

--lips are a bit chapped, but some days they are fine.

--eyes are a bit irritated, more sensitive to bright light and they get sore more easily.

(i switched to silicon contact lenses and im getting glasses soon so that i dont have to wear contacts all the time) The silicon lenses (I think they are "Oasis" brand) are MUCH better than the standard contacts I was using. If I spent time driving in the sun or watching TV or something with the old lenses my eyes were definitely sore by the end of the day while on Accutane. Now, the silicon lenses have reduced the eye soreness by about 75%!!! I'm very impressed.

--skin has been extremely well behaved in the past 2 weeks. It looks much better already.

--my greasy hair has become very dry. people used to tell me "dude, you're such a slob, why don't you wash your hair?" even though I wash it on a daily basis, lol. This is very nice. My hair actually stays put instead of being too greasy to style in any particular way.

NO other side effects. No depression, joint paint, stomach aches, headaches, etc.

So far I am extremely pleased with the drug. I am wondering if I will get the IB or not. My doctor says invariably patients will get it.

I am seeing the doctor soon (on tuesday/wednesday) Even though I am only 20 I have a long history of a lot of drinking. I quit drinking about 45 days ago, so I'm hoping my liver enzymes have come down and I have had enough time to recover.

I've been eating very healthy and drinking several cups of green tea and soy milk and such over the past few weeks in an effort to reduce my LDL cholesterol and lower my liver enzymes.

Hopefully the blood tests will be okay and I can continue Accutane.

I took about 10 pictures, these two shots make my acne look the worst.



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Hey mate your skin's looking great!

Good to see that you haven't had any bad side effects yet, knock on wood you won't have any at all! :P

Haha definitely ;) thanks

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Good news and bad news!!

Good news: Went to the doctor for my first set of blood tests. My AST (liver enzyme) level is only slightly elevated and is fine. I am very happy because I was worried that my drinking (before I started accutane, I've only had a 3-4 drinks in the almost 3 weeks I've been on it) would have my liver enzymes up.

My cholesterol was raised a bit so I need to make sure I don't eat any fast food and continue to drink green tea and soy milk to keep my LDL chol. levels down.

Overall my levels are totally fine and I got my second month of Accutane. At the pharmacy the pharmacist commented that I have a good medical plan since I don't have to pay anything for the drug...

Does anyone have to pay for their tane? I live in Canada and I've pretty much never had to pay for anything medical related like doctor visits or medication since the government pays for everything. We even used to get free glasses/contacts until the local government changed that :| grrr.

Anyways, the bad news: Looks like IB might be here. I'm breaking out a little bit... nothing too serious but my skin has been very very clear for the last few weeks. I'm not worried at all. Actually, almost welcome it. Everyone, says that you always get the IB. In fact, my doctor says "invariably" people on accutane get the IB, so whatever, it's not very bad so far.

Will post updated pics soon!!!!!!!!!!

w00t good luck with your tanes.

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Day 24

Here's the photos for Day 24.

definitely had a bit of a breakout on day 19/20 but it already healed really fast...

still no side effects. i feel fine after workouts, no joint pain, no depression, etc.

just slightly chapped lips and slightly sore eyeballs when i wear my contacts all day.

I have anxiety but that's unrelated to accutane because I had it before i started.



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GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

After only 5 weeks my case of mild acne has dramatically improved ... Whiteheads have completely stopped, only one cyst in two weeks ... The skin looks WAY more healthy ...

this is a miracle drug!!! :D

Also, I have had other good effects:

-- my hair is no longer greasy and looks much better

-- i dont have to wash the grease off my face several times a day

-- my bed sheets dont get oily at all after sleeping in them

-- the feeling of walking around all day and driving in the sun, etc. and not having a greasy face/hair from sweating is extremely wonderful


Have gotten worse...

-- extremely dry skin all over my body... im talking insanely dry...


-my fingertip calices from playing guitar are terribly painful and dry sores now

-flakes on scalp to the point that i really need dandruff shampoo and i've never had that problem

-my face was extremely dry to the point that all my friends were telling me i need face cream

-legs were itchy/dry but not too bad

-arms and back became extremely dry and that developed into a huge rash complete with scabs :(

-even my foreskin is really dry which is a very unusual/unpleasant feeling .. its supposed to be a bit moist

even still, all of this stuff is nothing compared to the sexy new skin i have on my face... w00000t

-- still no headaches, joint pain, depression, etc.

I made a few mistakes lately though:

-- had cod liver oil (contains vitamin A)

-- drank lots of whiskey (was on the only vacation im gonna get this year, i had to drink a little bit)

-- spent time in the sun fishing

perhaps that is why my skin has gone totally dry... or maybe the side effects are getting worse? i will update this soon with pix

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mate take a look at my signature for my regimen, these products are keeping my side effects 100% under control, and i'm now upped to 40mg/day

thanks, i think i'm going to try some vitamin E

week 5 photo

this is actually kind of a bad photo. in regular light my skin looks more healthy than it has in years... flash cameras kinda make you look terrible sometimes

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week 7 photo

flash always makes my skin look wretched....

actually, it has improved drastically since I started accutane. People are astonished and are asking me how my skin got to look how it does now.

With the exception a huge cyst on the edge of my mouth.... ugh... and some very minor whiteheads that disappeared in 1 or 2 days, basically I've been acne-free for the past 2 weeks.

I'm almost on week 8.

The amount of under-the-skin acne I have has been reduced 75% and the amount of zits I get has been reduced by probably 80% to 90% (Basically, I have 1 for every 5 to 10 I used to get)

I'm not even 40% finished and I'm already seeing very very noticeable results. I'm totally thrilled.

side effects

-- i've got a bad eye infection because my eye was really dry and (for the first time in many weeks, i drank with my friends)... when i woke up it look like one of my eyes had exploded. the eye infection is getting better.

-- i've got a couple other unusually dry body parts :(

-- facial skin is really nice, not very dry.

-- endlessly dry lips. i now collect lip chap.

-- endlessly dry nose. i've heard vaseline helps but i have used polysporin... that stuff is amazing. if you get scabs from the dryness they heal over completely in 24 hours... it triples the speed your body heals surface wounds. so that helps.

otherwise, i'm fine. no joint pain, no depression, etc. i am a bit more quick to anger lately but definitely not depressed... just easily set off by some things which isn't really my personality

P.S. I need to shave.

hope your guys 'tane quests are going well!!! DIE ACNE, DIE YOU BASTARD!!! :evil::D



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Acne has disappeared completely. I haven't had a zit/cyst/pimple for over 2 weeks now.

My lips are dry as hell but I couldn't be happier.

I did 60 days on 40mg, and now I have done 20 days on 80mg.

I'm going to do another 70 days on 80mg to make sure that my acne never comes back....

GOOD LUCK GUYS, ACCUTANE IS A FRIGGIN MIRACLE... I haven't had any serious side effects at all. Just dryness (which has gotten severe sometimes but it's a small price to pay for the skin that I have now...)

im so happy.

the best thing about accutane, is that not only do I no longer have zits and cysts...

but UNDERNEATH my skin, there are no longer nasty red patches.

my skin used to look terrible in natural sunlight... you could see patches of infection that hadn't yet turned into acne all over my skin.

that's totally gone now. it's just all clear and natural looking. everybody i know says i look better... it's just so nice not to wake up with a painful cyst hanging off your face.

i'm totally ecstatic. w0000000t







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its shocking man. for years i tried all kinds of crap and NOTHING worked to fix acne. absolutely nothing. antibiotics didn't even show any noticeable improvement at all... pro activ was useless, etc. accutane just completely ended all my acne. it is ridiculous, i can't believe it really worked so well

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