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I was basically 100% clear a couple of months ago, and my skin looked pretty good, it was still covered in red marks, but I wasn't having breakouts anymore. The odd pimple here and there, but nothing serious.

Now, I've started working out seriously, doing the bodybuilder thing, eating tons, resting tons, lifting really heavy..etc. It's been great for my body, but terrible for my acne.

Right now I'm in the middle of the worst breakout I've had in a very long time. 8 or 9 spots, and they aren't regular pimples, they're like mini cysts. I can literally feel them, and it makes me feel really gross. Plus they are in the worst places. One is near the corner of my lip and it looks like a herpes rash! but it's not! then like 3 are clustered on my cheek and they just look terrible.

It's really depressing! I feel like I was there, and now I've taken a big step backwards. I'm not giving up the weight training, but I have to find a way to curb this acne devleopment while I'm lifting.

I'm pretty positive that it is my diet. I have started eating a lot of food, 6-8 meals a day, each meal at least 400 calories(usually closer to 600) I'm eating 'clean', but I'm also eating calorie dense meals. The biggest culprit however, I'm drinking a lot of milk. I'm going through a gallon every couple day. I've also started eating cheese again. All that stuff is great for putting on muscle mass, but it's wreaking havoc on my face.

Ironically, my chest hasn't really broken out, and it actually is looking pretty good, still has a lot of red marks and some scars, but my chest has always been very stubborn.

So the things that I am going to try:

Greens Powder


Natural Multivitamin

jojoba oil(I was using this one for a while, really makes my skin look great acne or not, don't know why I stopped)

twice a week baking soda scrub

Flax oil(I'm currently taking Fish oil supplement, but Flax Oil always helped my skin more than Fish oil it seemed)

Lemon water.

I have done most of these things in the past, and they have all worked to varying degrees, I only stopped them because my acne was under control, and it stayed under control even after I stopped.

The thing is. I was working to attack the root of my acne. I adjusted my diet and my lifestyle. Now I've adjusted my diet and lifestyle again, and my acne is back.

the most frustrating part is that... I feel like... I am in really good health... almost.

like, I'm just so close from being in great health... I'm so close to having great skin, but *something* in my system is causing me to break out, and it's really lame.

I'm so fucking tired of this now. I'm 21 years old and I've had acne since I was 16 or so, I never did anything about it really until about a year ago, and I basically solved the puzzle, but now this has happened, and I'm stuck in an awkward spot.

Anyway, sorry for the vent. just had to get it off my chest(the acne needs to get off my chest too!)

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It could be that you're producing more testerone/androgens through working out, and it's increased the oil production on your face which has caused you to break out. Maybe your body will settle down? Some people can't eat dairy products cause it breaks them out...I don't know if that can be proved though...What were you doing to clear your skin? CSR?

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I got clear from completely readjusting my diet/lifestyle. I cut out all the junk, most dairy, excess sugar, most processed foods. I began exercising more frequently, I stopped using all these acne fighting products and stuck to natural treatments, and I took a combination of vitamins/minerals and dietary supplements. The only topical I used was Aloe Vera gel.

I think my test levels have probably increased, but also, I think the excessive milk intake has set things off balance too. Eitherway, I'm trying some new stuff now though, I'm going to replace all my milk with Kefir. I think that will help a lot.

You're in Perth? I want to visit there really badly, actually I want to move there. Seems like the best place.

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I think you're doing a good thing for yourself. I was just about to say that you needed to decrease the milk and you did.

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sweat makes me break out like crazy, I have to shower immediately after working out or I will break out big time. Also just sweating from the sun makes me break out. I was driving in my car the other day, it was like 110 outside and I could figure out how to work the ac (it's a rental)I broke out like crazy on my back and chest from that, I was soo clear prior to that.

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