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Tri Luma :)

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So i've been lurking on the boards for a while now and finally decided to post. I was thinking about trying the CSR but the BP he talks of seems to be the kind u can leave on the put moisturizer on top of ...i dont have that so i really cant do the regiman.....anyhoo

Right now im on Triaz Cleanser 6%, Dynacin(Spelling?), and even more recently, Tri Luma.

I wasnt really seeing drastic results with triaz and dynacin alone, but when i added tri luma im really begining to get clear. Although Tri Luma is prescribed for Melasma, it contains an acne fighting ingrediant that is similar to Retin-A. My derm gave it to me b/c the BP was making spots on my face darker. He gave me 2 small sample tubes first to see if i liked it, then he gave me a prescription. I got the prescription filled today and DAMN....that stuff is expensive ( $116 for a 30 gram tube). But honestly i think its well worth it and if u can and u think it might help ur situation i think u should get some. :)


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For antibiotics, bacteria can become resistant to it. You should try the CSR because bacteria cannot become resistant to bp. Also, you can use a moisturizer with AHA to help with spots.

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