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Hi I'm Shanon. I'm 18. I have mild to moderate acne. I just wanted to know what's a good cleanser/soap/wash/whatever to use. I've used millions of different kinds. What do you all use? Does the CSR work?

Right now I'm using Clinique Mild Liquid Facial soap, and sometimes using the Oily Liquid Facial soap (it's for oily skin). Then their Clarifying Lotion 2, sometimes 3 (astringent/toner). My skin is so sensative, almost everything irritates it. I loved Cetaphil, but it didn't clean enough or get enough of the oil off.

I'm on 500 mg of Tetracycline twice a day. I've been doing all this for 3 weeks. I used to use Retin A for years, but recently it really started to wreck my face and became too harsh. Peeling, breaking, burning, constant redness etc... My oil has gone down since the winter for some reason, although my face is still oily.

My doctor said I should use Dove on my face twice a day, and retin A. That's what I used to do but I don't think Dove is good for my face....

I wish they made a soap that really really cleaned, but was really really gentle.

I'm interested in the CSR but afraid to try anything more.

Any help would be really really appreciated....


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I use St. Ive's apricot face wash (not to be confused with the scrub). It works really well for me, and it's gentle. Other washes that have worked for me in the past:

Noxzema (I forget what it was called, it was in a pump bottle :/)

Clearasil, but barely

These bar soaps that come from Zeb's General Store. you probably wouldn't be able to get those though because Zeb's is a local store for NH but I think you can order them online. If you do the tea tree and peppermint ones work best if used together

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Yes, I've tried Cetaphil for oily skin. It was actually too harsh for me. I did not like it. And I used to use St. Ives Apricot scrub all the time when I was 13-15, but my acne got worse as I got older and it seemed to irritate it even more. Everything irritates my skin.

My face is pretty much a mess right now... it was clear for a long time (3 months, that's a long time to me, lol) and now it's bad again (quite moderate). And I don't know what happened.

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LoL, but there's only a million out there..... :wall:

You could try using Cetaphil and then using a non-alcoholic toner to get excess dirt and oil off. Or washing your face twice with Cetaphil. I've used Dove soap and it's gentle but it leaves a little residue for me.

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