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thinner skin

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Does anyone know what it means to have "thinning skin" ? I keep hearing the phrase about certain products that will make your skin thinner and I just dont understand it, like, what will that effect and why is that bad etc...?

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You're right, that link suggests that thining the outer layer results in much improved skin. I believe a potential negative is that your skin becomes more sensitive to sun damage since there are less dead cells to act as a shield so to speak.

Just did a quick google search and found stuff like this: http://health.allrefer.com/health/aging-ch...-skin-info.html

Seems like the natural thinning of your skin as you age is not good, but if you're thinning it w/ aha or retinol, etc. then you're getting rid of the dead, dull outer skin which makes it thin but improves the quality of that thinner skin, plus they apparently help plump up the lower layers of the skin.

Oh well, this is all well beyond me. Just tried to pass on some info I stumbled on re the vivant site.

The following is an older link: http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/fdacaha.html but I've seen a site or two more recently that also suggest that long term use of acids may not be good. But there are millions of sites that promote acids and argue the contrary. I think increased exposure to sun damage is an obvious and logical concern w/ use of acids and retinol. That's why those products typically all strongly recommend sun screen.

Good luck!

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wow, thanks for all the help. I cant believe you went thru all that trouble to try and help me. Yeah, where I kept hearing about thinning skin was---in talking about using coritzone creams. People were responding saying dont use them longer than a couple days at a time becuz it will thin out your skin....thats what got me wondering.....

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I have also heard that Glycolic acid and AHA's do the same. I'm no expert so don't quote me on if it's true.

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